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Pinky & Perky

Tingha and Tucker, The Two Little Bears - An excellent find. What memories? But until today, I always thought that it was "Tinker and Tucker". I was a member of the club and knew the secret sign.

Record above from the collection of Peter Thank you Peter.

Sterlingtimes Tingha and Tucker Pages stat here with annual, songs and rules.

Woomerang, Boomerang,
Look over there,
It's Tingha and Tucker,
The two little bears.

Portland Bill

Portland Bill joke: Why do fishermen write so many letters? Because they're always dropping lines.

Mr. Piper or Pied Piper

Song: "Come with me, Come and see, All the wonders there will be, In my stories and in my songs, And everywhere where fun belongs, You'll meet heroes, giants bold, Visit lands both hot and cold, With magic tricks to shiver your skin, Laughs galore with animals, My world of fun, Pied Piper's Home".

Mr Piper wore an Austrian-type hat with a false flower stick out of the top of it. He was very fat.

He would sing his opening song, and then open his bag of tricks that usually had something vague to do with the content of the day's programme.

Here is an MP3 download for the Mr Piper tune (183kB) - quality is poor but this is the only version that I have come across - also in Real Audio.

Pied Piper Films of Toronto produced this series of thirty-nine half-hour programs, which they sold to the CBC and ATV in the U.K. Opera singer Alan Crofoot was the show's host, and he introduced four segments each program. For Teletune he narrated a fantasy story, illustrated with graphics; Port of Call presented films about children and events in other lands; Bag of Tricks featured magic, performed by Crofoot; and Animal Farm told stories with a cast of characters that included Rupert the cat, Bessie the bunny, Kookie the kitten, Harriet Hen, Freddie Frog, Calvin (Rac)Coon, Charlotte Cow, and a rat, name unknown, in miniature barnyard sets. The series was created by Allan Wargon and Martin Andrews, and produced by Allan Wargon. CBC Television Series.

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