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Hello Children  

Here are the children's record pages for adults. My intention in these pages is to look back to the 1950s and 1960s, and where appropriate to even earlier, to examine the records that were played to children.

Whereas today, children are largely faced with having to listen to adult pop music, some care was taken in earlier radio broadcast to play children's music to children.

At the bottom of this page, I provide a check list of the types of records that were played to children on Junior Choice. The pages that follow this one provide further examples.

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Hello Children Everywhere

This traditional collection of children's classics follows the hugely successful "Hello Children Everywhere" released some years ago. Many of these tracks are timeless and are widely recognised for their use on radio shows aired throughout the 60s.

1._ Nellie the elephant - Miller, Mandy
_ Runaway train - Delhart, Vernon
_ Middle of the house - Cogan, Alma
_ Grandfather's clock - Radio Revellers
_Owl and the pussycat - Hayes, Elton
_Puffin' Billy - Melody Light Orchestra
_All things bright and beautiful - Uncle Mac
_Robin Hood - James, Dick
_How much is that doggie - Pinky & Perky
10. I've lost my mummy - Harris, Rolf
11. Laughing policeman - Penrose, Charles
12. My boomerang won't come back - Drake, Charlie
13. You're a pink toothbrush - Bygraves, Max
14. I taut I taw a puddy cat - Blanc, Mel
15. Teddy bear's picnic - Hall, Henry
16. Ballad of Davy Crockett - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie
17. Hippopotamus song - Flanders & Swann
18. Jake the peg - Harris, Rolf
19. Gilly gilly ossenfeffer katzen... - Bygraves, Max
20. Woody woodpecker - Blanc, Mel
21. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf - Pinky & Perky
22. Ugly duckling - Cribbins, Bernard
23. I know an old lady - Pertwee, Jon
24. Bee song - Askey, Arthur
25. When I see an elepahnt fly - Peterson, Clive


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