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I'm trying to collect recordings of the song, "Home in Pasadena" - I'm making slow progress. Please e-mail if you know of source of any more.

Home in Pasadena 1922 Harry Warren - lyracists Grant Clark & Edgar Leslie

Oh, you railway station
Oh, you pullman train (I'm going)
Here's my reservation
For my destination
Far beyond the western plains
To see my...

Home in Pasadena
Home where grass is "greena"
Where honeybees hum melodies
And orange trees scent the breeze
I want to be a home-sweet-homer
There I'll settle down
Beneath the palms in someone's arms
In Pasadena town.

Home in Pasadena - Al Jolson / Isham Jones & His Orchestra 1925 - 1930 (audio sample provided at this site).

If link doesn't work, carry out search at CD Now for record title "Charleston Era".

By Jingo It's British Rubbish * Home in Pasadena - Temperance Seven - Amazon.

Audio sample provided at CD Now site.

Available at Napster

Home in Pasadena - Billy Murray & Ed Smalle 1924 Victor.

Home in Pasadena - Cassablanca Steps see Sterling Music
Pasedena - Savoy Havana Band Amazon
Home in Pasadena - Any Old Time String Band Amazon

I bought a copy of this at ebay auction. Paul Whiteman - Victor 19278 10" 78 RPM Recording. Mona Vanna / Home In Pasadena.

Home in Pasadena Sheet Music 1923 Orange

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