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Tiptoe through the tulips resurrection (available from HMV)
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I bought this Tiny Tim record after hearing Tiny's fine reproduction of some older recordings.

b. Herbert Khaury, 12 April 1930, New York, USA, d. 30 November 1996. Eccentric entertainer Tiny Tim played regularly on the New York Greenwich Village circuit during the early/mid-60s. With his warbling voice, long scraggly hair and camp mannerisms, he specialized in show tunes dating back to the musicals of the 20s. Following an appearance in the film You Are What You Eat, he secured a regular spot on the highly rated Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In comedy series. The comic incongruity of this middle-aged man, who sang in a cracked falsetto and played the ukulele proved novel enough to warrant a Top 20 US hit in 1968 with 'Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me'. Several albums and tours followed and at the height of his media fame he attracted a mass audience for his live television marriage on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show to the young girl he called 'Miss Vicky' (Victoria May Budinger). His professed celibacy and highly moral sexual standpoint created instant copy and the controversialmarriage was well chronicled, from the birth of baby Tulip, to the divorce court. By the early 70s the Tiny Tim fad had passed, and having lost his contract with Reprise Records he continued to issue singles on small independent labels, to little success. In the late 80s Tim completed a cassette-only release, The World's Longest Non-Stop Singing Record, which was recorded live in Brighton, England. He subsequently moved to Australia where he became acquainted with graphic artist Martin Sharp,who designed Cream 's distinctive Wheels Of Fire sleeve as well as several covers of Oz magazine. Sharp's work graced Tiny Tim Rocks, a disappointing mélange of the singer's high falsetto and ill-fitting hard rock. In 1989 his version of AC/DC 's 'Highway To Hell' was released to modest sales. During the 90s known as Mr. Tim, the singer returned to the USA to live in Des Moines, Iowa, 'because it's clean.' In 1993 he married for a third time, he and 'Miss Sue'lived in Minneapolis until his death in 1996.


Tiptoe Through The Tulip

2.   Sweet Rosie Ogrady
3.   Shine On Harvest Moon
4.   Baby Face
5.   Till We Meet Again
6.   Its A Long Way To Tipperary
7.   Prisoner Of Love
8.   Those Were The Days
9.   Pennies From Heaven
10.   When You Wore A Tulip
11.   Tiny Bubbles
12.   When The Saints Go Marching In
13.   Just A Gigolo
14.   Happy Days Are Here Again
15.   Bill Bailey Wont You Please Come Home

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