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The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
Charles Coburn

I've just got here, thro' Paris, from the sunny southern shore;
I to Monte Carlo went, just to raise my winter's rent.
Dame Fortune smil'd upon me as she'd never done before,
And I've now such lots of money, I'm a gent.
Yes, I've now such lots of money, I'm a gent.

I stay indoors till after lunch, and then my daily walk
To the great Triumphal Arch is one grand Triumphal march,
Observ'd by each observer with the keenness of a hawk,
I'm mass of money, linen, silk and starch.
I'm mass of money, linen, silk and starch.

I patronized the tables at the Monte Carlo hell
Till they hadn't got a sou for a Christian or a Jew;
So I quickly went to Parie for the charms of mad'moiselle,
Who's the load-stone of my heart. What can I do?
When with twenty tongues she swears that she'll be true?

As I walk along the Bois Boulong
With an independent air,
You can hear the girls declare
'He must be a millionaire'!
You can hear them sigh and wish to die,
You can see them wink the other eye
At the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo!

The Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo

1.   Mad dogs and Englishmen
2.   Nobody love's a fairy
3.   Home town
4.   Physician
5.   Auf weidersehen sweetheart
6.   Funny face
7.   St Louis blues
8.   Everything's in rhythm with my heart
9.   Little Betty Bouncer
10.   Walter Walter
11.   Window cleaner
12.   That old feeling
13.   Don't have anymore Mrs Moore
14.   Dancing in the dark
15.   When the poppies bloom again
16.   Man who broke the bank at Monte Cristo
17.   Soloman
18.   All the things you are
19.   I'll see you again
20.   We saw the sea
21.   Jubilee baby
22.   Teddy bears picnic
23.   Your heart and mine
24.   There's a small hotel
25.   Way you look tonight
26.   Why don't you do right
27.   Sonny boy
28.   It's a great day for the Irish
29.   I couldn't sleep a wink last night
30.   42nd Street
31.   Let's spring one
32.   I'm putting all my eggs in one basket
33.   Without a song
34.   I'd rather be blue
35.   Bob White
36.   Serenata
37.   Hong Kong blues
38.   Ah sweet mystery of life
39.   Darling Nellie Grey
40.   I'm keeping this red red nose
41.   Minnie the moocher
42.   I'm the last of the red hot mammas
43.   Joint is jumping
44.   My heart belongs to daddy
45.   Granny's old armchair
46.   Cow cow boogie
47.   Making whoppee
48.   We just couldn't say goodbye
49.   I can't help loving that man

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