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Lonely Hearts
From Ghosts down the Garden and other Eerie Tales
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  Fun-loving troll, dirty and smelly,
With damp slimy skin and big hairy belly,
Nice muddy fingers and grubby wet toes,
Hot, steamy breath and rings through each nose.

With stains on his shirt and holes in his socks,
Teeth that need cleaning and knots in his locks,
Tears in trousers and scuffs on his shoe,
He's waiting to meet someone lovely like you.

  He likes dirty ditches and hiding in holes,
Is certain to win when he fights other trolls,
Is very attentive, will woo you with roses,
After he's used them to pick both his noses.

He lives on his own, in a dark stinking pit,
Oozing with slime and covered in spit,
Now feeling lonely, he hopes there's a chance,
He can meet someone similar for fun and romance.


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