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These memorable films were first transmitted in 1964/65 on the BBC. I bought a bnoxed set of the videos listed above. Be careful with The Singing Ringing Tree; it will terrify your children!

A strictly limited edition (500 only) box set containing THE SINGING RINGING TREE (1957), THE TINDERBOX (1959), SNOW WHITE (1961) and RUMPLESTILTSKIN (1960). All four films will be presented in their original uncut German versions with English subtitles. The films have been remastered from original materials and this is first time they have been made available anywhere in the world outside of Germany. A UK exclusive premiere, demand for these highly sought classics is expected to be heavy so early reservation is recommended.

Site with information about The Singing Ringing Tree

Films made by the DEFA Company in East Germany

Icestorm Film Company - Videos of special interest from Icestorm

Network Videos - This is from where I purchased my videos (see above).

Little Gems for a rundown of the story of The Singing Ringing Tree

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