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Oliver with Thomas the Tank Engine

This is my son with Thomas the Tank Engine at Kidderminster.

Wanted: Information about The Piped Piper - 1960s TV programme - I have obtained a poor quality theme - see later page , but I would still like some pictures.

Wanted: Torchy Video Tapes. I have bought a Torchy tape via ebay. Seem to be a pirate version - covers four episodes. Also includes Twizzle and some Four Feather Falls.

Information about Sarah and Hoppity. Everyone asks about this. Very little has come to light. The book pictured above was on sale at ebay for 34 - no one bought.

An audio recording of the song Boomerang (Tingha and Tucker) - making some progress here, but anymore would be appreciated. I have a few extract, but I would like a full recording from a 45 RPM record.

Any Ovaltineys: videos or audios - got a CD now, making good progress, but looking for more.

The song "1,2, Let's take a trip to the Wriggley Zoo". FRom chewing gum adverts.

The song: Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz a Bear. Got a copy now, but looking for more.

Anything on White Horses. I have the record but little more. Did anyone record the clip from the recent TV progamme.

Updated 15/03/2002.

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