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I like Brum, the little car from the Motor Museum in the Cotswolds who goes on visits to the big town (Birmingham) and meets Mr and Mrs Doolally and their 'doolally' children and Mr and Mrs Lah-Di-Dah.

The photograph opposite taken during our visit to the museum in Bourton-On-The-Water. This is the real Brum!

Some Midi Files

The Singing Ringing Tree

Pingu first emerged from his igloo and onto the ice in 1990. He lives with his mother and postman father, and baby sister Pinga in a small village on an ice cap. Pingu plays with his friends, Ping, Pingo and Robby the seal where they skate, play with ice-sculptures, and generally get up to much mischief! Pingu is a popular character world-wide, fans in Japan can purchase Pingu biscuits and fans in Switzerland can purchase Pingu Flakes.

Teletubbies1997 saw the Teletubbies arrive on our screen. They re-invented TV for pre-school children causing international debate and won a number of awards. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po all live together in Tellytubby Land, in their Tubbytronic Superdome, with their vacuum cleaner Noo-Noo, who cleans up after them and vacuums up any spare tubby toast!

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