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Chocolate and Sweet Nostalgia

Blue Bird Toffee Factory

For several years, this was the view from my bedroom window in Hasbury, Halesowen in Worcestershire (before Edward Heath changed the county boundaries). The Bluebird Toffee Factory was at the hamlet of Hunnington near to Romsley.

Fry's Five Boys

Cadbury's and Fry's merged in 1919. Five Boys was introduced in 1902, priced 6d and remained until 1971 when it was sold a 7d. Other Fry's products included Turkish Delight (1914), Crunchie (1929), Tiffin (1937), and Picnic (1958).

Five Girls want Five Boys and will have no other

Advert c.1905. Five Girls want Five Boys and will have no other.

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