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I was lucky enough to buy this 1969 reproduction of The 1907 Army & Navy Stores Catalogue in 1980 for my father. When he died some years later, I inherited the book. "Yesterday's Shopping - The Army & Navy Stores Catalogue 1907 - A Facsimile of the Army & Navy's 1907 issue of the Rules of the Society and Price List of Articles Sold at the Store" Introduced by Alison Adburgham - ISBN 0 7153 4692X. The book provides 1282 pages of absolute magic.
Yesterday's Shopping Almost any item of furniture, hardware, household equipment, clothing or food in use in the British Isles at the turn of the century is illustrated and priced in this very substantial mail order catalgoue.

The work contains about 1,400 large pages of many thousands of illustrations.

It portrays an age. It shows us how we used to feed, travel, dress, entertain ourselves and generally behave.

It might be difficult to obtain a copy today since the volume is out of print. Try ebay or Amazon's secondhand section.

The illustration below covers once page from the catalgoue. Prices today are generally 100 times more than prices in 1907.

Other extracts from the book appear here:

The "Witch" Dust Extractor

The Aspirator Air Suction Cleaning Machine

The "Atom" Suction Cleaning Machine

The Low-Vaccum Pneumatic Dust Extractor

1907 Equestrian Shopping - Army & Navy Stores.

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