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Radio List  updated 12 July 2014

Pirate radio and other useful entries. Some of the links may be part-time and some may be defunct. Links do change very frequently. This list is difficult to maintain owing to stations rapidly disappearing.

Watch out the Gippo's outside --- 807 powered!

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By Stephen Lewis, LLB (Hons), MBA, IEng, MIET, CIPS, G8JCT.

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Also known as "Sterling".

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  Internet Radio Pirate Forum (Garry) RNI Forum (Garry)   .You Tube
    Reciva Shoutcast Classic Radio DX Blog
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Radio Stations and some interesting MP3s --- BACK TO TOP
free online classic rock radio Coast FM /  Defunct Planet Rock / Stream  webpage Radio Rudolph / Stream
CQ Serenade English MP3 Power FM Canaries / Stream Radio Seagull / Stream
CQ Serenade French MP3 Quasar AOR / Defunct Radio Six International / Stream
Cruisin Radio Radio 390 Replay / Stream Radio Tatras International / Defunct
Cruisin' 531 / Stream Radio Atlanta etc. / Defunct Radio Times Henry Hall MP3
Cryosleep Zero Beat / Defunct Radio Atlantis Gold NZ & AUS / Stream Radio Times at YouTube
Digital Music Radio (DMR)/ Stream Radio Atlantis Canaries / Stream Radio 469 (Offshore stuff) / Defunct
Enigma 846 AM / 846 AM & Shoutcast Radio Atlantis Rotterdam / Stream Radio Veronica / Stream webpage
European Klassic Rock / Stream Radio Atlantis 102 Webradio / Stream Radio Veronica 192 / Stream webpage
European Music Radio / Defunct Radio Caroline / Stream Radio Xanadu / Web only
Eurovision Song Contest / Stream Radio Caroline Happy Rock 259 Gold   Replay Radio / Stream
Evil Conservative Radio / Live WVOX Radio Caroline de beste   Riviera Radio  
EZFM Offshore Radio / Defunct  Radio Caroline France / Stream Robinson Crusoe Theme MP3
Flower Power Oldies / Defunct Radio Caroline Spain / Via Classic Rock Rock 103
Ghost Radio --- Greece / Stream Radio Caroline NZ / Stream 64 AAC+ Royalty Free Radio / webpage streams 
Glam FM / Stream webpage Radio Caroline Offshore RC / Defunct  Sctek Radio / sadly gone cylinder station
Golden Age Radio / Defunct Radio Caroline Planet Caroline / Defunct  Shout FM (Spain) / Defunct
Golden Radio International / Defunct Radio Dismuke / Stream Sky News / Stream
Groove Salad Radio / Begging for money Radio Enoch / Stream Smooth East Midlands  
Kult Radio / Stream webpage (good!) Radio Eric / Archive Smooth Glasgow  
Laser Hot Hits International / Stream 128 Radio Hauraki / Stream webpage  Smooth London  
Laser Radio / Stream Radio Jackie / Stream Smooth North East  
.977 The Oldies Channel / Defunct Laser 558 / Stream Radio Kaleidoscope / Defunct Smooth North West
1920s Radio Network / Stream Leon Dorsey AM Sound Radio Luxembourg / Stream 128 Smooth West Midlands  
24/7 Pure Classic Gold / Defunct Little Betty Bouncer MP3  Radio Luxembourg End of the Day MP3 Sonnet Radio / Totally knackered 
2NG Radio (Atlantic Oldies) / Stream Man of Action MP3 Radio Luxembourg French Theme MP3 Sunlight radio (Spain) / Defunct
40s Oldies / Defunct Martini in the Morning  Radio Luxembourg Tune In 1930s MP3 Sunshine 855 / ex-pirate
50s Oldies / Defunct Puls France / Stream Radio Luxembourg Tune In 1940s MP3 Superstation Orkney / Stream webpage
60s Oldies / Defunt Merseyland Alternative Radio Radio Mi Amgo EU / Stream The Arrow / Stream webpage
Alouette / Stream webpage Morse Code Melody MP3 Radio Mi Amigo Spain / Stream The big dee jay MP3
Angel Radio / Stream webpage Net Radio UK Radio Monique Happy Rock 963 Gold     The Day the Music Died MP3
Angel Dance Bands / Stream webpage Nostalgie Chanson Francaise The Ovaltineys 1937 MP3 The Mighty KBC
Angel Radio Light  / Stream webpage Oasis FM Tenerife / Stream webpage Three Ten 70s 80s 90s
Atlantis FM Tenerife / Stream webpage Offshore History Radio / Defunct Three Ten 70s only Radio
Book Radio / Defunct Offshore Music Radio / Stream Three Ten 80s only Radio
BBC Radio 4 Sailing-By MP3 Offshore Pirate Radio / Defunct Total Rock / Stream via webpage
BBC Radio 4 Theme Tune MP3 Oldies 104 / Defunct Traffic Radio / Stream via web page
BBC World Service / Lillibullero MP3  Oldies Project / Stream UK Light Radio / Totally knackered
BBC World Service / Lillibullero Offair Wav Old Men's Radio / Defunct The Wireless / Defunct The Super Station  
BFBS2 / Defunct    Old Time Horror Radio / Stream Radio Nigel (80s) / Stream UK Nova Radio / Totally knackered
Big L 1395 kHz  / 64  / Message board Old Valve Radio / Stream Radio Nonsense / Stream Webradio Atlantis Belgium / Defunct
Blogtalk Radio The Evil Conservative One Classic Gold / Access   webpage Radio Normandy documentary Wight FM closed December 2009
CCRN / Stream webpage Pirate FM Tenerife / Defunct Radio North Sea Int / Stream  MP3 Red Sands Radio / Seasonal availability
Celtic Music Radio / Stream webpage Pirate Johnny Walker (Radio 2) Radio North Sea ( German) / Defunct  Wild Life Radio / Stream from webpage
Chill / Stream Pirate Radio Skues Get via BBC iplayer Radio North Sea Rock Planet / Defunct WNKR 1512 AM / Stream defunct
Chill 365 / Stream Pirates of the Sea MP3 Radio One Gold / Failed and defunct WNKR Archive

Sky stations --- BACK TO TOP
Sky Smooth Jazz / Stream Sky New Age / Stream Sky Urban Jazz / Stream  
Sky Uptempo Smooth Jazz / Stream Sky World Music / Stream Sky Classic Rap / Stream Sky House / Stream
Sky Top Hits Music / Stream Sky Roots Reggae / Stream Sky Indie Rock / Stream  Sky Trance / Stream
Sky Best of the 80s / Stream Sky Da Tempo Lounge / Stream Sky Love Music / Stream Sky Chillout / Stream 
Sky All Hits 70s / Stream Sky Country / Stream Sky Beetles Tribute / Stream Sky Electro House / Stream
Sky Oldies / Stream Sky Piano Jazz / Stream Sky Simply Soundtracks / Stream Sky Soulful House / Stream
Sky Mostly Classical / Stream Sky Bossa Nova / Stream Sky Contemporary Christian / Stream Sky Eurodance / Stream
Sky Classical Guitar / Stream Sky Classic Rock / Stream Sky Salsa / Stream Sky Lounge / Stream
Sky Solo Piano / Stream Sky Alternative Rock / Stream Sky Modern Jazz / Stream Sky Ambient / Stream
Radio Information --- BACK TO TOP
AM transmitter kit FM Experts Loudcity Pure Lounge
Anorak Nation Free Radio TX Blogspot Logik IR100 resource Offshore Echos Magazine
  Garry Stevens' Message Board Low power AM transmitter review Radio Feeds
Chris Carey Message Board / New Board Garry Stevens' Message Board 2 Old BBC Broadcasting Equipment Reciva Experimental
Classic Shoutcast  HLLY Electronics Medium Wave List 1 Reciva Internet Radio Portal
Classic Old Car Radios History of the Radio Licence Medium Wave List 2 Radio Society of Great Britain
Clitheroe Kid  Hobby (Forum) Mercia Sound Jingles / 220 Old & New MP3 RNI recordings
Digital Spy I-Scream MP-F1 FM TX Merseyside Pirates Roll along prairie moon
Downloads Netherlands (Music) Interval Signals Mobile Black Box V6000 FM TX Vintage Technology
Early history of broadcasting (UK) Laughing Policeman Wireless Society Neil Gates' Message Board V-Tuner
Early history of broadcasting (US) Live Radio / UK Radio Listing Poor Man's WIFI (With Asian Cookware) WiFi Radio Review
Software --- BACK TO TOP
Acronis / Support Better Microphones Jscreenfix  
ADSL Guide - Think Broadband Beltronica speed test Screamer Radio Recording  
Adware Away Broadbandmax speed test Sky Faults - fixing Speak Easy Speed Test
Anonymisers  Dragon Naturally Speaking Nuance Radio Recorder TongSoft Stuck Pixels DSL Zone Information Sam Knows Voice Recognition Forum
Avira Easyspace Forum Screamer Radio Wiring a phone system
BBC Radio Ripper Knowbrainer voice forum Spamcop WM Radio Recorder
Acer Aspire One Netbook Upgrades --- BACK TO TOP
Acer Aspire One Adding RAM iGoogle Google Chrome Superigoogle  
Acer Aspire One Netbook Wikipedia Google Chrome Adblock Google Chrome Too Many Tabs  
Easypeasy user guides  Google Chrome Extensions Google Chrome Simple Search UK JOLICLOUD / MAIN SITE
Easypeasy Forums Google Chrome Google Bookmarks --- Excellent Google Chrome Superigoogle JOLICLOUD / JOLICLOUD FORUM
Easypeasy Netbook Software Google Chrome Google Status JOLICLOUD / FACEBOOK Macles for Acer Aspire One
Google Chrome Google Chrome Simple Search UK JOLICLOUD / GET SATISFACTION RAMDISK --- set-up for netbook 
Shopping --- BACK TO TOP
7dayshop UK Ebay ATU Ebay Vanguard  
Amazon WIFI Radio Ebay Codar Firebox Natural Daylight
AQ DAB Ebay Datong KBC Imports Nevada Radio
Argos / Boots Ebay Medium Wave Maplin 
Beststuff Ebay Tecsun Morgan  computers Robert_Dyas
Dixons / Comet / Currys / PC World Ebay Transmatch Morphy Richards Wilkinson Plus
Offshore Radio sites --- BACK TO TOP
Azanorak Recordings Offshore Radio Club Pirate Radio Wikipedia  
Bonnies' Radio Collection (recordings) Offshore Radio Guide (Germany) QSL Cards  
Google Video Results for Offshore Radio Offshore Radio Themes Radio Atlantis recordings  Rock-it Radio Offshore
List of offshore radio ships --- useful! Offshore Radio Wikipedia Radio Fab Dot Com Signal strength of offshore stations 
Offshore Echoes English Pirate Radio Hall of Fame Radio London Limited World's last offshore stations
Offshore Musications Pirate Radio Sales Radio Waves --- The Gangplank Yorkshire's  offshore station
SterlingTimes Radio ... The Ovaltineys --- BACK TO TOP
The League of Ovaltineys Ovaltineys' sheet music Ovaltineys' Long Play (LP) Record The Ovaltiners
Official Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys Good News for Ovaltineys We are the Ovaltineys / Real Audio Happy days are here again / Real Audio
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye / Real Audio Listen to a complete broadcast from 24th January 1937 / Real Audio One little raindrop - The Ovaltineys, Tessa Deane & George Melachrino (1939) / Real Audio Balloons (Who'll buy my nice balloon?) - The Ovaltineys & Monte Ray (1938) / Real Audio
Music (some of my favourites --- some quite unusual) --- BACK TO TOP
Aloha by Splash (My Space) Herr Ober --- Bratislava Hot Serenaders (Youtube)   Swiss Boy --- Lou Sern (Youtube)
Angeline (ma blonde sexmachine) (in French) (Youtube) Herr Ober --- Joost (Youtube) Max Raabe --- Tainted Love (Youtube) Thousands of Dutch Men Freak Out Over Father Abraham (Youtube)
Barbara Carlotti Cannes Live (Youtube) Haerr Ober --- Walace (Youtube) Max Raabe --- We will rock you (Youtube) Tous les garçons et les filles (live) ---  Françoise Hardy (Youtube)
Born to Run --- SuzyQuattro (Youtube) Hey fatty bum bum --- The Diversions (Youtube) Torchy the battery boy
Bratislava Hot Serenaders - Herr Ober, Zwei Mocca (Youtube) How do you do? Cascada (Youtube) Trojan Horse --- Luv (Youtube)
Brown Girl in the ring --- The Wiggles (Youtube) I love Onions --- Susan Christie (Youtube)  
Caroline --- Fortunes (Youtube) "La Ballade des gens heureux" reprise par B. Carlotti (Youtube)  Veronica Sorry --- the day the music died (Youtube) 
Come Back --- Mighty Wah (Youtube) / More recent version (Youtube) La Voix --- Malena Ernman (2009 Eurovision) (Splendid) Video Killed the Radio Star --- Princes Trust (Youtube) Voyage Voyage --- Kate Ryan (Youtube)
Comment ca va --- The Shorts (Youtube) Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (Theme) (Youtube) / Opening Titles We love the pirate stations --- Roaring Sixties (Youtube) Voyage Voyage --- Gregorian (Youtube)
Den Uyl is in de olie by Vader Abraham and Boer Koekoek (Youtube) Living in the Moonlight --- Bratislava Hot Serenaders Memories --- Earth and Fire (Youtube) Wild Dances --- Ruslana (Youtube) / Ukrainian
Dum Tek Tek --- Haldise Turkey (2009 Eurovision) Maybe Tomorrow --- Earth and Fire (Youtube)  Mississippi Pussycat (Youtube) Yamasuki's Yamasuki (Youtube)
Eeny Meeny Miny Moe --- Luv (Youtube) Max Raabe --- Blue (Youtube) Monkey Man --- Kylie Minogue (Youtube) YMCA Korean --- fantastic (Youtube)
Ozaka --- Shoes (Youtube)
Roly Poly --- Standford Bridge (Youtube)
Seasons --- Earth and Fire (Youtube)
Soely Soley --- Middle of the Road (You Tube)
Somebody to love --- Rhdian Roberts (Daily Motion) 
Max Rabbe --- Over My Shoulder (Youtube) Suberbia Pet Shop Boys (Youtube)  
Fireball XL5 --- Bob Downe (Youtube) Max Raabe --- Sexbomb (Youtube) Sweet --- Teenage Rampage (Youtube)  
SterlingTimes Radio Pages --- BACK TO TOP
Introduction to SterlingTimes radio pages Radio Normandy Photoset Pirate Radio
Radio Luxembourg Early BBC Radio Announcers Radio Times
Page about shortwave reception in the 1930s Remember the Enemy is Listening Radio Jolly Roger - The story of pirate radio in Birmingham
Page about "Doing the Continental". Continental radio in the 1930s "Doing the Continental". Continental radio 1930s Page about "Plugged into Radio". About Captain Plugge.
"The First Pirate" - The story of Captain L.F. Plugge and Radio Normandy. Documentary Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 5 - About Captain Plugge and Radio International Page about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 6 - Early DXing
Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 3 - Programme Schedule for Radio Cote D'Azur from Juan Les Pins for Sunday May 5 1935. Also IBC shortwave Empire Transmissions Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 4. Referral to aThis wonderful French site covers Radio Lyon and Radio Poste Parisiene that both transmitted to England with sponsored programming Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 3 - Programme Schedule for Radio Cote D'Azur from Juan Les Pins for Sunday May 5 1935. Also IBC shortwave Empire Transmissions
Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 2 -This might be described as an early DX-pedition from the "Radio Pictorial" May 3, 1935 Number 68. The picture is of the NBC Studios. "Across the Atlantic with a Portable" by Frank Lamping Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 1 - These pages record some of the history of the early English-language sponsored or commercial stations that transmitted to the United Kingdom during the 1930s Broadcasting
Radio Enoch
Long Links --- BACK TO TOP
KB/LLE/LA1ASK Bergen Kringkaster project

Television --- BACK TO TOP
Internet Television WWI TV