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1960s Toys for Children

Johnny Seven

Following an aggressive bit of television advertising in the 1960s, every boy wanted a Johnny Seven - seven guns in one including a rocket launcher. Johnny Seven can still be found at ebay auctions, but expect to pay 500 plus.

To join ebay, click on the icon to the right of here, and then use REGISTER on the ebay page. Search on "Johnny Seven" Click her for your favorite eBay items

Civil War News Cards

I used collect Civil War News cards when I was seven/eight years old, around about 1964. Strangely, parents and teachers were only mildly concerned by the content although I did understand at the time that "Painful Dead" (see below) was banned. I had "Painful Death" in my set and I was the envy of my school friends. The cards used to come with a nasty piece of bubble gum that I used to throw away.

Paul's Civil War News Trading Card Page

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