Sterling Times

Pat and the Spider (4)


But the spider dashed in after him.

And oh ! how huge it was when it came out. Pat scrambled in again as fast as ever he could,

and ran to catch the spider before it could get in again.

He was just in time to catch its two hind legs, which he seized, and haulted as hard as ever he could.

Suddendly the spider jerked off both legs, and Pat sat down with a bump, while it crawled quickly on.

Before Pat could follow it he heard a noise behind him, and when he looked round he saw a tiger coming softly up behind him.

In a minute he had crawled into the bamboo, behind the spider, and the tiger went along the bamboo sniffing and calling, "Pat, come out, I want you!"


But what a start he got, when a spider as large as a rocking-horse came out.

"Get out of my way," said the spider, "I want to catch Pat."

" You are Pat!" said the tiger, and without another word he ate it up.

But the spider was fearfully poisonous, and before the tiger could finish it he fell down dead.f

And Pat ran gaily home to tea.

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