Sterling Times

Pat and the Spider (3)


while the bird flew on , with Pat sticking to its head by codwebs, Pat was dreadfully afraid he would fall,

but by degrees he mmanaged to wriggle back onto the bird's neck, and then he sat up, and began pulling off the bits of cobweb.

Before he could get them all off, the bird dashed under a branch, and Pat was left sticking in a fork, miles and miles above the ground it seemed to him.

Then he was glad he still had some of the spider's threads about him, for they made a spliendid rope for sliding down.

And when he got safely to the ground he easily pulled of the last bits, and was running along joyfully, when -

suddenly he met the spider again.

"What a joyful meeting said the spider, but -

Pat did not think so, and he turned and ran away as fast as his legs would carry him.

Fortunaltely he ran straight to the big bamboo, and just as the spider was going to catch his leg he dashed in.

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