Pat and the Spider (2)


he soon threw them off again, and had a delkightful ride upon a very spingy blade of grass, and -

and then he climbed up the stem of the great bramble bush. That was splendid ; the thorns made it just like going up a ladder.

And at the top what delicious brambles he found! He sat on a leaf and was having a great feast off one single one, when -

suddenly a bird made a dab at him, and Pat was so frightened he tumbled heels over head off the leaf, and fell -

plump into the middle of a spider's web. The spider got such a start it dropped to the ground, but in another moment it came scambling back up its thread.

"Ho, ho!" it said. "You are the little boy who broke my web this morning. I wish I could eat you at once, but I've just eaten two great bluebottles ; I'll have to keep you for a day or two."

And it began to cover Pat with thread, till he could not move a finger.

But just as the spider had almost finished, the bird who had frightened Pat made a dash at it.

And it dropped to the ground again in a great fright ;

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