Sterling Times

Pat and the Spider

The Biter Bit

by Helen Bannerman, 1905


ONce upon a time there was a little boy called Pat, who went for a walk in the jungle, And as he was going along a butterfly called out to him, "Oh, Pat, Pat, please help me out of this dreadful spider's web."

"Yes, I will, with pleasure," said Pat, and he tore the spider's web in pieces, and let the butterfly out.

Then the butterfly perched -

on Pat's finger and said, "Now what can I do for you?"

"Oh," said Pat, I wish you would tell me how to grow as small as you."

"Do you see those bamboos up the road?" said the butterfly. Those are telescope bamboos; if you creep through one way they make you small, and if you creep through the opther way they make you large."

Then the butterfly flew joyfully away, and Pat ran off to look for the bamboo. He found an old one, but he could hardly get into it; however by pushing his feet in first he just managed.

And coming out of the other end was not nearly so difficult as he expected.

Now he was about as big as a large doll, but he crept through again, and this time it was quite easy.

He crept through several times, and when he came out at last just the size of his own forefinger, he was delighted.

He dressed himself in all sorts of flowers, but though they looked very lovely, they were not at all strong, so -

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