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December 2001
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TV standards Conversion

The Muffin the Mule Collector's Club

Video2CD offers an inexpensive service that converts your videotapes to computer playable format and puts the result on CD.

Video Tape Conversion Service PAL - NTSC - SECAM

Lyric from White Horses

Barry Gray Music of the Week - Barry Gray is best known for creating the music for most of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson's television series in the 1960's and 70's -- notably FIREBALL XL5, THUNDERBIRDS, UFO, and SPACE:1999. While some of this music was commercially released, much of it was not, and most which was is long out-of-print.  As such, fans of Barry Gray's music have little they can buy commercially, and must deal with other fans to obtain these rare recordings.  Some of these recordings can even be traced back to Barry Gray himself, who would sometimes make copies of his personal tapes for fans.

Still on the buses - Way back in 1969 a TV comedy series began with an episode called THE EARLY SHIFT (also known as THE STRIKE). The show was ON THE BUSES. It was about the life of a driver and his conductor working on the No.11 bus that ran to the cemetery gates. They were employed by Luxton and District Bus Depot and answerable to an Inspector who was the bain of their lives. The Inspectors saying "I 'ate you's Butler" was to become a national catchphrase of the time.

TV Croncicles - the TV encyclopedia

Russnet UK with Russnet TV

FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION THEME TUNE ARCHIVE From this page you can play or download dozens of midi files from a host of Fantasy and SF tv series and films. There are now over 80 midi files in the archive. Also check out the Sound File Archive which features quotes from a number of films and TV series in WAV format.

TV and Movie Theme Archive

Signal from nowhere - .. (From the short-wave to 11 GHz: Satellite piracy) On the 22nd of August 1996 the press secretary of the Kurdish satellite television channel MED-TV announced that there had been outside interference on their broadcast. During a live discussion programme that involved Kurdish politicians taking part by telephone was interrupted by an interfering signal playing Hezbollah marshal music.

Sausagenet 99 brings you pics, sounds, info, lies and links to cult and classic TV shown, in Britain over the last 30 years.

Independent Television Broadcasting in the UK - A General Studies Project by David Tunley.

1950s Television with lots of Real Video - Whirligig - this site is much better than mine with Larry the Lamb in Toytown (Real Video), Mr Pastry, Sooty, Pinky and Perky (Real Video), Penguins (Real Video), Muffin Prancing (Real Video) and much more.

British Television Nostalgia - This is my British Television nostalgia. Page with Watch with Mother and many other children's televsion.

Torchy the Battery Boy Homepage - a tribute to Torchy.

Vintage Television Themes such as "Blott on the Landscape" and "Bill and Sebastian" - but Real Player G2 is required.

Britcom Let the battles begin! Who has the best site dedicated to a British comedy show on the Net?

Muffin the Mule Homepage - a tribute to Muffin.

Lots of 1960s BBC Children's Programmes in Real Video.

Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben The Flowerpot Men, Rag, Tag & Bobtail and The Woodentops - These are my earliest memories of TV. Sad isn't it?

Waveguide Television News

Watched-It - A useful list of children's television programmes with further links.

ITV Television Station Jingles

ITV Television Station Video Identifications in Real Video - an interesting application of Real Video.

625 Line Television Memories

History of TV Test Cards - tv test cards and a great deal more.

Trumptonshire - all about Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green.

TV Themes - some English televison theme tunes to supplement my own.

ABC-TV.NET - Audio and video tv jingles.

Television Theme Songs

The Clangers. But where is the Soup Dragon?

Television Ark - This site is dedicated to the wonderful world of TV jingles and themes. All the movie files are available in AVI or Real format.

TV Link - Film & television website archive and index

TV World - Jim Edwards' TV Identifications, logos and designs

Bill and Ben Message Board

Everything you wanted to know about Sooty, but were afraid to ask.

The Singing Ringing Tree - a super find with valuable information about this memorable television production from the 1950.

Muffin the Mule in Real Video (1950).

OnDigital - The British digital terrestrial television line up.

The Wonderful World of Sooty

Welcome to Kids' TV - Kids TV is dedicated to reminding you how old you are by listing some classic Kids TV from years gone by.  All of the programmes listed have been on TV in the UK at some point during the last 20 - 25 years. 

Miningco: Classic Television - some really useful classic television links.

Dr Who Sound Library.

The Best of British Mail-Order Videos.

Independent TeleWeb - This site is designed to entertain, inform and educate, and is concerned with the Independent (Commercial) Television sector in Britain. Although presently it is concerned more with early history in time I hope to cover the full range. Probably by the 50th anniversary ... [valuable site with pictures from lunchbox].

TV World

Nostalgia Central - A trip through the 60's, 70's and 80's via Television, Music, Movies and Popular Culture.

Tribute to European Programmes on the BBC

Space Patrol - the English one!

Shoe People Video

TV and Movie Database - TV and Movie Theme Archive

The Singing Ringing Tree: Related Programmes - Films made by the DEFA company in East Germany, best remembered of which is probably, apart from The Singing Ringing Tree, The Tinder-Box. These are traditional fairy-tales except for The Singing Ringing Tree. There were three other DEFA films shown on the BBC in the 60s under the heading 'Tales From Europe'. They were Snow White, The Golden Goose and Rumpelstiltskin.

TV Comedy Database

TV theme tunes - "I seem to have been bitten by the TV Theme tune bug just lately, and as a result of some frantic searching on the Internet I have amassed a collection of some 760 Themes, which is growing weekly. I am going to put a list of my themes that I have on this page and to also put up a "wanted" list for the more difficult ones that I am having trouble tracking down."

Network Videos - here you can buy rare TV videos from the past

Welcome to the Alexandra Palace Television Society Web Site

Welcome to the world's first PINKY & PERKY web site!
This web site is dedicated to Pinky and Perky, the sensational singing piglet puppets of the 1960's. Pinky and Perky had their own TV show which ran from 1957 to the early 1970's on British television. Pinky and Perky performed cover versions of many pop songs of the day, and at the height of their fame received almost as much fan mail as the Beatles!  Click on the links below to see a range of original Pinky & Perky merchandise such as
records, annuals, puppets and comics. There's also a photo gallery, a history of Pinky & Perky, and Pinky & Perky links. You can also visit Pinky & Perky's World or take a tour of their village, Acorn Wood!

Watch With Mother Watch with Mother, the general title of a series of five individual programs, formed a central element in the making of television a domestic and family medium in Britain. Although the title Watch with Mother did not come into existence until 1952, Andy Pandy, the mainstay of the series, was first broadcast in July 1950. Two years later it was joined by The Flowerpot Men and later in the 1950s these shows were scheduled alongside Rag, Tag and Bobtail in 1953, and Picture Book and The Woodentops in 1955.

TV Comedy Database

List of Children's TV Programmes

Are you being served?

Satellite Address - United Kingdom




Mike's Radio World Radio station links, live radio on the Web, a QSL card gallery and more!

The Story of Radio Luxembourg

Television and Radio News

Offshore Radio Links and Free Radio Information

Radio Normandy (1926- 1939)

Radio Enoch in Real Audio. The famous British experiement in political pirate broadcasting (1979). Here is 15 minutes of Radio Enoch.

Some Real Audio Treats from the BBC: Broadcast from 2LO from The Strand (1922), test transmission from Writtle with Peter Eckersley ("hello CQ") - the Chief Engineer of the BBC, the Abdication of Edward VIII (1936) the Declaration of World War II on the BBC (1939), VE Day Celebration (1945). End of the General Strike (1926).

BBC History.

Here are some useful pirate radio and offshore radio links: Offshore Echo's Magazine * Pirate Radio of the Offshore Kind * The Sounds of Commercial Radio * Norman Barrington * Radio Caroline * Anorak Corner * The Anorak's Home Page * RBL Radio * Paul's Radio Museum * The UK Pirate Radio Website * Pirates Fused * Amdragon

Radio Luxembourg

More Radio Luxembourg

Sounds of Shotwave - Some Real Audio with Radio RSA and clandestine stations from the Faulklands' era.

A Brief History of British Radio.

British Broadcast History.

Interval Signals (a USA site) - a site with various recent interval signals and national anthems. This site does not neglect the BBC World Service that appears in Real Audio.

The Sounds of Commercial Radio - a well produced site with a substantial set of sound clips.

Bry's Pirate Radio Stations - lots of worth while links. It's going to take sometime to work through these.

Pirate History ["The DXers Archive"] - again a site that has involved the owner in a lots of work with very pleasing results.

Media Zoo - The Weekly Industry Related Media Radio Programme.

405 Alive - There is a strong interest in old theme tunes, production and presentation music, whilst even test card music has a keen following all of its own...

Studio Anorak.

World Wide Willis.

Bellingham Antique Radio Museum - The collection is a historical journey through time; from the beginning of radio to the early 1940's. There are over one thousand radios to view, and in some cases to play.

Sounds off the Wirleless - I have been thinking for quite some time about the possibility of making available soundclips from radio stations from all over the world...

Offshore Radio Links - "The reason for true ship based, and of course fort based, offshore radio has  always been that it is free of governmental control and interference." 

Mike's Radio World

Marconi Centenary

Mining Company Search Engine - for me this is more successful than Yahoo. Miningco Pirate Radio.

History of Wireless.

Radio Helen International and other London pirate radio sounds in Real Audio.

A history of regulation in British Broadcasting

Sounds of Radio Broadcasting

Radio Luxembourg is returning to the airwaves


Media UK internet Directory

Radio Luxembourg - CLF

History of Nipper

Howard's Free Radio UK Pirate Web Site

Radio Northsea Airchecks

Offshore Vinyl for sale

The OTR Archive - for old time radio

Media Pages - with offshore radio

Dave's Oltime Radio Shows

From Bob Dunn. A directory of names from the past. If you have been involved in pirate radio - leave your details on The Pirates Directory and they will be available for others to see.  If you want to contact someone from your pirate past, have a look to see if they have left their details.  Check the Directory frequently for regular updates.  If you sign or view the Pirates Directory just hit back on your browser to return to this site.   Link :

Sponsored programming in British radiuo during the 1930s - During the 1930s a thriving and sophisticated understanding of radio as a selling medium was in place in Britain, supporting European English language commercial programming undermining the BBC's monopoly of the broadcast audience. Between 1930 and 1939, radio was used by many consumer brands successfully as an important part of sales campaigns, developing concepts of programme planning and the targeting of audiences which were to anticipate trends - both within the BBC and in the Independent sector - many years later.

Signal from Nowhere - (From the short-wave to 11 GHz: Satellite piracy) On the 22nd of August 1996 the press secretary of the Kurdish satellite television channel MED-TV announced that there had been outside interference on their broadcast. During a live discussion programme that involved Kurdish politicians taking part by telephone was interrupted by an interfering signal playing Hezbollah marshal music.

Radio Caroline - a history by Peter Moore

The Fab 208

Vintage radio room - "Welcome to the all new Radio Room website from Vintage Radio Times. You will find here a current selection of radios offered for sale, and togetherith a full listing of the radios condition and other useful information. All radios are carefully selected from the U.K and U.S.A, and date from the... "

British Radio before the Caroline era - Radio is one hundred and one years old. By the early twenties, technology progressed from simple Morse code to being able to transmit speech and music internationally, with a signal accessible to anyone possessing a home or commercially made radio set. The UK government concluded that this was such a powerful means of mass communication that it would have to be in state control. In 1927 The British Broadcasting Corporation was formed. This organisation can best be described as an extension of the British Civil Service. Raising revenue by charging a licence fee to every home possessing a radio, the Corporation was given the duty to provide programmes of news, speeches, lectures, educational matter, weather reports, concerts and theatrical entertainment. This format was a government edict, not a matter of audience research The UK population had to pay but had no say over what they got for their money.

2LO's first transmitter, London, 1922

When European offshore "pirate" radio was in its heyday in the 1960’s, as well as personality deejays and catchy jingles, every station had its own theme, every deejay had their theme, and every show had its theme.

So important was this style, that when a deejay was on holiday, his show was still aired under his name. Tony Blackburn might be on holiday, but his theme tune would be played, announcements and jingles proclaiming the Tony Blackburn show were aired, and if you thought Tony’s voice had changed, then realisation might dawn when you heard it was "Dave Dennis sitting in for Tony Blackburn".

To receive Radio Caroline you will require a 33k6 modem or better. If this player does not work on your system then go to for information about how to receive Radio Caroline's Web Broadcasts.

Radio Days

PUBLICATIONS. Books and magazines you might not have encountered.

Stan Freberg page

Dragnet Quotes

Radio Waves / The Anorak Hour

La Radio a Lyon


Welcome to DigiGuide - the world's best TV and Radio guide

Radio Announcers - For many years now I have collected jazz and dance band records from the 1920's and 30's. During the searches through junk shops I often came across picture cards and became particularly interested in those depicting British dance band leaders.

Shortwave History on the net

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