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Radio Luxembourg Themes


These CDs used to be sold on the CLF website, however, I was never able to get a response from them. However, the theme tunes are available for download from the RTL site and links are provided below. Please note that these Real Audio files do not stream so it's necessary to download before playing.

Here is a video about Radio Luxembourg from the 1930s.

I can't find this on the new RTL site - email me please if you want a copy of the Real Media file

 RTL  (373 Kb)
A movie about CLR in the 30's
(requires the Real Player)

The famous Tunes of Radio Luxembourg

  Tune in
Radio Luxembourg’s first theme tune in December 1933

 Bonjour les amis  with Camille Felgen as singer
Tune of the  Amis de Radio Luxembourg  programm

 Gong - This is Radio Luxembourg - Tune in 
Radio Luxembourg’s tune in the 40’s by Geoffrey Everitt

 Belle of the Ball  by Leroy Anderson
Tune of the German programm which began on the 15th July of 1957 with Peter Perleberg as speaker

 This is Radio Luxembourg - Your station of the Stars 
Tune of Radio Luxembourg in the 60’s - The first one with Teddy Johnson as DJ

 Top Twenty Show  signature tune
Hits programme presented under 8 years (1959-1966) by Barry Alldis

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