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Here is a list of radio and tv theme tunes from my own collection as of 30October 2004. This is not exhaustive but it's a good sample. I'm always seeking to plug holes with older themes. The list is drawn from my file list, so there's no punctuation in the theme titles [used nice little program called DDfilecatcher to translate the Windows file list to text].

2et writtle testing
77 sunset strip
999 extended mix
a hundred acres
a team
a touch of frost
a town like alice cd
a woman of substance
absolutely fabulous
ace ventura
african patrol 50s tv
alfonso bonzo
alfred hitchcock presents
alfred hitchcock presents 50s tv
alias the jester
alice us sitcom
aliens in the family
all creatures great and small
allied dunbar lets face the music
allo allo
ally mcbeall
amos n andy 50s ustv
andy pandy
andy pandy piccadilly players
animal hospital
animal magic las vegas
antiques roadshow newer version
antiques roadshow older version
appleyards 50s tv
are you being served
are you being served sir spoof
armchair theatre 50s tv
art attack
arthur haynes 50s tv
as the world turns
ask aspel
ask the family
astro farm
atv opening theme sound and vision
atv professional wrestling
auf wiedersehen pet thats livin alright
ballykiss angel
banana splits piccadilly players
bananas in pyjamas
barnaby the bear
basil brush
basil brush
batman 1960s
batman 1970s
batman cd
battlesar galactica
bbc 24 news
bbc breakfast time
bbc cricket
bbc grand prix
bbc showjumping
bbc snooker
bbc television newsreel girls in grey
bbc televison newsreel 50s tv
bbc this is london and lilibullerom
bbc world serivce intermission signal 1
bbc world serivce intermission signal v
bbc world service liliburlero
beadles about
beans means heinz advert
belle and sebastian
bengo the boxer pup 50s tv
benny hill
benny hill 50s tv
beverly hillbillies
bewitched cd
big ben
big breakfast
big brother
big brother
bill and ben the flowerpot men
bill and ben the flowerpot men
billy bunter sea songs
billy cotton 50s tv
billy cotton band show
billy cotton ending programme
birds of a feather
black beauty cd
blackadder instrumental poor quality
blakes seven cd
blankety blank
blind date
blockbusters cd
blott on the landscape
blott on the landscape
blue peter ending
bluepeter 2
bluepeter 50s tv
blues clues american
bob the builder
bob the builder
bodger and badger
bonanza instrumental
bonanza song
boots and saddles 50s western
brideshead revisited
bronco 50s western
bruces big night
brush strokes
bsb trailer video
buck rogers
buck rogers in the 25th century
buffy the vampire slayer
bugs bunny
burkes law
butterflies poor quality
button moon
by the sword divided cd
byker grove
cadbury fruit and nut
call my bluff
camberwick green
camberwick green start
candid camera cd
cannonball 50s ustv
captain kangeroo also a familiar tune to brits childrens choice
captain planet
captain pugwash
captain scarlet
captain scarlet barry gray
car 54 where are you
care bears
care bears
caroline roy hastings
casey jones
casey jones 2
casey jones johnny cash
casualty extended mixj
celebrity squares
challenge anneka
champion the wonder horse
champions tony hatch
champions tony hatch orchestra
changing rooms
channel four fourscore
channel four news
channel four night time
charlie brown
charlies angles
cheggers plays pop poor quality
cheyenne 2
cheyenne 50s western
chigley 1
chigley 2
chigley organ
childrens choice puffin billy
childrens hospital
childrens television introduction video
chimera rosheen du
chorlton and the wheelies
citizen smith
classic adventures
clitheroe kid
cloppa castle
close encounters of the third kind
clothes show cd
coca cola techno
colt 45 50s western
come dancing
comedy playhouse ron grainer
cops bad boys
coronation street
coronation street
count down
count of monte cristo 50s tv
country life advert video
country practice
cow and chicken
crackerjack 50s tv
crackerjack crush
crackerjack theme
crazy foam advert
crimewatch uk
criss cross quiz video
crossroads tony hatch
crown court
crystal maze
crystal tipps video
dads army bud flanagan
dads army story part 1
dads army story part 2
daisymay 50s tv
daktari 1
daktari 2
dallas 1978
dallas 1990
dance of the clangers frunkton
danger man
danger man high wire bob leaper
danger man highwire
danger mouse
danger mouse
darling buds of may
dave allen
david nixon 50s tv
davy crocket
dempsey and makepeace
dempsey and makepeace
department s
department s cyril stapleton
deputy dawg
desert island discs
desert island discs sleepy lagoon
desertIsland disks
dexters laboratory
dial 999 50s tv
dick barton devils galop
diddymen piccadilly players
different strokes
dixon of dock green cd
do it all advertisement
doctor who
double deckers
double your money 50s tv
down to earth tony hadley after all thi time
down your way
dr findlays casebook a little suite
dr finlays casebook les reed
dr who
dr who eric winston
dr who david arnold
dr who extended singing dr who
dr who jubtheme
dr who mankind
dr who mobtheme
dr who original version
dr who orital
dr who regtheme
dr who retro
dr who ron grainer
dr who techno orbital
dr who theme
dr who theme 1981
dr who worst doctor who theme
dragnet 50s ustv
dragnet 68
dragonball z
educating archie 50s
el dorado
emergency ward 10 silks and satins cd
emergency ward ten 50s tv
emus broadcasting company
endurance uk
enemy at door choral vinyl
enemy at door vinyl
enter the dragon
eurovision anthem
eurovision song contest
ever decreasing circles quality poor
fabian of the yard 50s tv
fairy advertisement
falcon crest
fall guy
fashion tv
father ted
fawlty towers
felix the cat original
felix the cat piccadilly players
film 72 98
film 74
film night
fireball xl5 fireball
fireball xl5 the flee reckers
fireball xl5 zero-g
fireman sam
flake advertisement video
flashing blade
flipper german
fly me to the moon
flying doctors
food and drink
for mash get smash advert
for mash get smash advert video
forest rangers 1
forest rangers 2
forever green
forsyte saga
forsyte sage cryil stapleton
fort boyard
fort boyard
four feather falls
fraggle rock
full house
fury 50s western
galaxy bsb tv closedown ident video
galaxy bsb tv full ident sequence video
galaxy bsb tv ident video
gardening club 50s tv
gaumont british news
george and mildred
george burn and gracie allen 50s ustv
george of the jungle
get smart
get the tv times and double diamond
gilligans island
goal crazy the match
going straight
golden girls
golden shot poor quality
good life
goodnight sweetheart poor copy
grandstand 50s tv
grandstand cd
grandstand extended
grange hill cd
green acres
green claws
growing pains
gunsmoke 2
hancocks half hour
hancocks half hour 50s tv
hancocks tune
hancocks tune derek scott cd
hands that do dishes advert
hanna barberas top ten famous sound effects
happy days
happy ever after vinyl
harry worth 50s tv
hart to hart
hattytown piccadilly players
have gun will travel ballad of paladin
have i got news for you
hawkeye 50s western
hawkeye and the last of the mohicans
heart beat
hectors house
hectors house
henry hall heres to the next time
henrys cat
hetty wainthropp investigates
hetty wainthropp investigates london film orchestra
hi de hi
high chaparral
highway patrol
highway patrol 50s ustv
highway to heaven
hijacked barry gray orchestra
hill street blues
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
hogans heroes
hogans heros off air recording
holiday bbc
home and away
home improvement
home to roost
hong kong phooey
hot foot athletics 90
house of cards poor quality
housewives choice
housewives choice in party mood
howards way
huckleberry hound
human jungle
i claudius cd
i claudius closing
i claudius opening
i claudus vinyl
i didnt know you cared vinyl
i dream of jeannie
i love lucy50s tv
i married joan 50s ustv
id like to teach the world to sing not coke
id love to buy the world a coke
im popeye the sailor man
in party mood
in town tonight 50s tv
in town tonight knightsbridge march
in town tonight portrait of a flirt
independent television for school 
independent television news nonstop
inspector gadget
inspector morse
interlude 1 video
international detective 50s tv
interpol calling 50s tv
invisible man
invisible man 50s tv
iron man
it aint half hot mum midi
it aint half hot mum poor quality
itll be alright on the night
its a knock out
itv formula one
itv national news
itv news at ten
ivanhoe 50s tv
ivor the engine
jackanory piccadilly players
james the cat
jamie and the magic torch
jamie and the magic torch
jennifer gay video
jennings midi format
jimll fix it
joe 90 barry gray
john cravens newsround
johnny bravo techno remix
josie and the pussy cats
judge judy
juke box jury
juke box jury 1959 theme
juke box jury 1960 onward theme
juke box jury john barry
juke box jury john barry seven
junior choice morningtown
just a minute
k9 and company
keeping up appearances
kiaora we all adore advert
kipper the dog poor quality
kit carson 50s western
knight rider
knots landing
krypton factor
kung fu
kwikfit advertisment
lamb chop
land of the giants
laramie 50s western
last night of the proms god save the queen
last night of the proms i vow to thee my country
last night of the proms jerusalem
last night of the proms jerusalem 2
last night of the proms land of hope and glory
last night of the proms rule britannia
last night of the proms rule britannia 2
last tango in paris
laurel and hardy
laverne and shirley
likely lads
lilliburlero bbc world service
listen with mother berceuse midi format
listen with mother extract
little betty bouncer
little betty bouncer down at the bbc
little betty bouners
littlest hobo
littlest hobo end
littlest hobo start damaged
litttlest hobo maybe tomorrow
liver birds
londons burning
londons burning
loony tunes
lost in space
love for lydia cd
love thy neighbour
ludwig video
m squad 50s tv
magic roundabout
magic roundabout
maigret the eagles
man about the house
man alive
man from atlantis
man from uncle
man in armour 50s tv
man in suitcase
march of time in time of war
marine boy
mars advert
mary mungo and midge
masterpiece theatre us theme 1
masterpiece theatre us theme 2
match of the day
match of the day bbc
meeting the huggins horse feathers
melrose place
men behaving badly
mercia sound 220 mercia sound.mpga
mercia sound cold all around.mpga
mercia sound everything you need to know.mpga
mercia sound playing on your radio.mpga
mercia sound something old.mpga
mercial sound 220 playing on your radio.mpga
miami vice
mighty mouse
miss marple
mission impossible
monach of the glen
monty pythons flying circus
moonbase 3
morecambe and wise
morecambe and wise bring me sunshine
mork and mindy
mr and mrs jackie trent and tony hatch be nice to each other
mr bean
mr benn
mr blobby
mr ed a horse is a horse
mr magoo
mr men piccadilly players
mr piper
mr rose investigates roy budd with the tony hatch orchestra
mrs dales diary
much binding
much binding in the marsh
muffin the mule
muffin the mule
muffin the mule
multi coloured swap shop
mumfie mumfie gang
murder she wrote
music while you work calling all the workers
music while your work
my friend flicka 50s western
my little pony poor quality
national lottery
nationwide poor quality
new faces
no hiding place 50s tv
no hiding place laurie johnson
noah and nelly
noddy german
noddy video
noddys toyland adventure cd
noels house party
noggin the nog
noggin the nog
north by northwest
norwich union part of the union
not the nine o clock news
oakie doke
oh boy 50s tv
oh you are awful
on approval cd
on safari 50s tv
on the ball tv world cup
on the buses
on the line
once upon a time in america
one foot in the grave
only fools and horses
opal fruits advert
open all hours
our house the picadilly strings with ray davis
out of this world tony hatch
outer limits
ovaltiners dixieland
ovaltiners london bridges
ovaltiners oranges lemons
ovaltiners swing
ovaltiners theme beat
ovaltiners tijuana
ovaltineys 1937
owen md sleepy shores
paddington bear
panorama 50s
panorama 1950s
parsley piccadilly players
pc 49 theme
peanuts charlie brown
pebblemill at one plus medley
penguin advert.mpga
penguin advert
penguins 50s tv video
pepsodent advert
perry mason
pick of the pops
picture book
pidgeon street
pied piper
pinky and perky
pinky and perky video
pinky and perky we belong together
pinky and the brain
pirate radio theme asia minor
pirate radio theme big fat spiritual
pirate radio theme born free
pirate radio theme caroline
pirate radio theme catch us if you can dave clark five
pirate radio theme crunchy granola suite
pirate radio theme good morning
pirate radio theme guitar boogie
pirate radio theme jackie blue
pirate radio theme little black samba
pirate radio theme man of action
pirate radio theme radio veronica
pirate radio theme rinky dink
pirate radio theme robins retun midi
pirate radio theme rocking goose
pirate radio theme scarlet o'hara
pirate radio theme sonowaltz
pirate radio theme the big dj
pirate radio theme the horse
pirate radio theme the kid
pirate radio theme the robins return
pirate radio theme will wil Wel
pirate radio theme wonderful big l theme radio london
pixie and dixie with mr jinks the cat
play school and magic roundabout
play school clock video
play school jonathans zoo
playaway 1
playaway shopaway
please sir cd
poddington peas
points of view robert robinson older theme
points of view when im 84 theme 80s
poldark cd
poldark vinyl
pop idol
pop idol extended
portland bill
portland bill
postman pat
postman pat
potty time
pound puppies
power ranger
power rangers
power station bsb tv video
powerpuff girls
prime suspect 1 cd
prime suspect 2 cd
prisoner cell block h
pro am golf eagle and chips vinyl
puffin billy
quantum leap
radio4 theme
radio 2 history of radio 1
radio 4 shipping forecast
radio 4 theme early one morning etc
radio caroline flying to the sun newriders
radio caroline theme and jingles
radio free london helmut zacharius ton up
radio hauraki born free james last
radio jackie love theme 1
radio jackie love theme 2
radio jackie love theme 3
radio jackie love theme 4
radio jackie reopening october 2003
radio kaleidoscope kaleidoscope
radio luxembourg belle of the ball germanm
radio luxembourg bonjour les amis frenchm
radio luxembourg close down the end of the day
radio luxembourg the end of the day
radio luxembourg the station of the starsm
radio luxembourg top twenty showm
radio luxembourg tune in 1930s
radio luxembourg tune in 1940s
radio mi amigo suzy waffles
radio newsreel over clipped as it appears on cd
radio nordsee international man of action
radio scotland blackbear
radio scotland pirate
radio times henry hall
rag tag and bobtail
rag tag and bobtail
randall and hopkirk
record breakers
red dwarf
remington steele
return of the saint
rin tin tin 50s western
riviera police laurie johnson orchestra latin quarter
rni this is the place thats going to blow your mind
road runner
robin hood 50s tv
robin hood garry miller cd
robin hood song with children
robinson crusoe
robinson crusoe 1
robinson crusoe 2
robinson crusoe 3
robinson crusoe 4
robinson crusoe art of noise
rock follies
roobarb and custard cd
rosie and jim
round the horne
rugby special
rupert the bear jackie lee
ruth rendall mysteries
sale of the century
sapphire and steel
sarah and hoppity
saturday night at the london paladium 50s tv
saved by the bell
scooby doo piccadilly players
scotland yard 50s tv
sea hunt 50s ustv
seaquest dsv
secret army vinyl
send for shiner jumping bean
sesame street
sex and the city
sex in the city
shake and vac advert video
sharky and george
shipping forecast sailing by
shirley abicair 50s tv
shoe people off air
shoestring poor quality
singing ringing tree
sir francis drake
sir lancelot
sir lancelot 50s tv
sir prancelot piccadilly players
six billion dollar man
six five special
six five special 50s tv
ski sunday
skippy the bush kangeroo
smash advert
softly softly
some mother do ave em
some mother do ave em vinyl
some mothers do have em
sooty rather good midi
sooty theme
space 1999 2nd series
space 1999 ist series
space above and beyond
special branch 1973 video
spiderman 1970s
spitting image
spongebob square pants
spongebob square pants tiny tim
sports view 50s tv
spy catcher 50s tv
st elsewhere
st trinians 1
st trinians 2
st trinians blue murder start
stanley unwin on stereo
star trek
star trek deep space nine
star trek voyager
starsky and hutch
steptoe and son
steptoe and son ron grainer
stingray aqua marina barry gray
stingray barry gray
stingray march of the oysters
stingray picadilly players
stingray stingray
stop the pigeon
streets of san fransisco
sucu sucu laurie johnson orchestra
sugarfoot tenderfoot 50s western
summers lease carmina valles
sun radio east of eden marcus junior
super ted
superman 50s tv
surprise surprise
swinging radio england jingle
take three girls
take your pick 50s tv
tales of rubovia
tales of the riverbank
tales of the unexpected
tales of the unexpected cd
taxi driver
teddy edward
teletubbies german
teletubbies pbs kids
teletubbies spanish
teletubbies variation
telly addicts
telly addicts 86
terry and june
tetley tea folk
tetley tea folk
texaco havaline advertisement
thank your lucky stars
thank your lucky stars johny hawksworth
that was the week that was
that was the week that was
thats all folks
the great egg race
the a team
the abbott and costello show
the adams family
the addams family
the adventure game
the adventures of don quick
the adventures of tin tin
the adventures of william tell
the album
the amazing adventures of morph
the animals of farthing wood
the archers barwick green
the army game 50s tv
the avengers
the avengers cd
the avengers laurie jackson orch
the banana splits
the barlows of beddington
the big valley us western
the big valley western
the big valley western 1965
the bill 1984
the bill 1993
the bill 1999
the bionic woman
the black and white minstrel show 50s tv
the bold and the beautiful
the brady bunch
the brothers
the cisco kid 50s western
the citadel cd
the clangers
the clangers
the cosby show
the crystal maze
the double deckers
the duchess of duke street cd
the duchess of duke street vinyl
the dukes of hazzard
the fall guy
the flame tree of thika 1 cd
the flame tree of thika 2 cd
the flintstones
the flintstones techno
the flumps
the flying nun
the fugitive
the fugitive john schroder
the generation game
the golden shot
the good guys
the good life
the goodies
the great egg race
the grove family 50s tv
the herbs
the high chaparral modern version
the high chapparal
the incredible hulk
the irish rm cd
the jetsons
the jewel in the crown 1 cd
the jewel in the crown 2 cd
the larkins 50s tv
the last of the summer wine
the last of the summer wine vinyl
the lawman 50s western
the legend of jesse james 50s western
the little house on the praire
the liver birds
the lone ranger 50s western
the love boat
the money programme
the monkeys
the munsters
the munsters
the muppet show
the nanny
the old grey whistle test
the one game
the onedin line
the osbournes
the other one vinyl
the outer limits
the ovaltineys
the persuaders
the pink panther
the pink panther piccadilly players
the pipkins indigo pipkin
the potters wheel young ballerena
the power game cyril stapleton
the price is right ustv
the prisoner
the professionals
the rifleman 50s western
the rise and fall of reginald perrin
the rise and fall of reginald perrin vinyl
the rockford files
the saint cyril stapleton
the seven faces of woman
the simpsons
the sweeney
the thornbirds
the time tunnel
the tomorrow people
the tripods
the tweenies
the twilight zone
the two ronnies
the virginian
the virginian 50s western
the virginian percy faith
the waltons
the weakest link
the wild wild west
the wombles
the wombles underground overground
the x files
the young ones
third man 50s tv
third rock from the sun
thirty something
this is your life
this week sibelius
this week sibelius intermezzo from karelia suite
thomas the tank engine
thomas the tank engine
thomas the tank engine cd
threes company
thunderbirds cd
tingha and tucker
tingha and tucker.mpga
tingha and tucker woomerang
tiswas poor quality
to serve them all my days cd
to the manor born
tom and jerry
tomorrows world 1963
tomorrows world modern
tonight 50s tv
tonight theme
top cat
top gear poor quality
top of the form
top of the form marching strings
top of the pops 64
top of the pops 70s
top of the pops 74
torchy end
torchy song video
torchy start
torchy the battery boy
tots tv
toytown video
treasure hunt 2002 intro
treasure-hunt oringal theme
trumpton joe piccadilly players
trumpton end
trumpton fire engine
trumpton start
tv advert rowntrees dont forget the fruitgums mum 1955
tv advert sun newspaper early 1960s
tv advert berlei girdle early
tv advert boac airline 60s
tv advert british telecom maureen lipman ology 1988
tv advert brut 33 henry cooper & kevin keegan 1975
tv advert cadburys flake 1970s
tv advert cadburys milk tray avalanche 1974
tv advert cadburys milk tray early
tv advert camay soap 60s
tv advert campari luton airport lorraine chase 1977
tv advert capstan cigarettes 60s
tv advert capt birds eye 1968
tv advert coca cola id like to buy the world a coke
tv advert coca cola id like to buy the world a coke
tv advert cointreau 1974
tv advert commercial bloopers
tv advert commercial guards cigarettes 1960s
tv advert do it all
tv advert double diamond 1968
tv advert double diamond early
tv advert eggs hancoc happiness is egg shaped 1965
tv advert eggs hancocks a la breakfast table 1965
tv advert eggs hancocks half minute 1965
tv advert fairy liquid hands that do dishes 1964
tv advert federal express 1981 usa
tv advert fruit & nutcase 1977
tv advert fruit gums mum
tv advert homepride flour men 1967
tv advert hovis bike ride 1974
tv advert milk humphrey 1975
tv advert murray mints 1955
tv advert murraymints
tv advert olympus cameras wedding photographer davi
tv advert parker pens finishing school penelope keith
tv advert pepsi sweedish girl 1974
tv advert pepsodent
tv advert pg tips the piano 1970s
tv advert player anchor 1960s
tv advert remmington victor kiam 1979
tv advert rice crispies
tv advert rice crispies 1960s
tv advert rice crispies snap crackle & pop 1955
tv advert ronson hair dryer early 1960s
tv advert schweppes shh you know who 1963
tv advert shake n vac 1979
tv advert shell bing crosby 1963
tv advert smash martians 1973
tv advert tetley tea folk 1973
tv advert toshiba hello tosh 1984
tv advert tv times 1960s
tv advert weetabix
tv ident a anglia tv 70s
tv ident anglia tv 70s long
tv ident associated redifusion 60s
tv ident atv
tv ident atv 50s and 60s
tv ident central
tv ident thames
tv ident tyne tees tv
tv ident yorkshire tv 68
tvam news
tweety pie
twentieth century fox
twin peaks
two way family favourites
unsolved mysteries
upstairs downstairs cd
upstairs downstairs cd 1
upstairs downstairs cd 2
van der valk
vegimite advert australian
vicar of dibley
victory at sea
victory at sea 50s ustv
vision on the chase
vision on the gallery
vision on video
voyage to the bottom of the sea
voyage to the bottom of the sea
w somerset maugham cryil stapleton
wacky races
wacky races poor quality
wagon train
wagon train 50s western
wagon train vocal robert horton
wallace and gromit
wallace and gromit
wanted dead or alive 50s western
we love the pirate stations
weekend world
wells fargo 50s western
westminster waltz
whacko 50s tv
whats my line parisian mode
when the boat comes in
whickers world
white horses cd
white horses city of westminster strings
who dun it tony hatch
who pays the ferryman vinyl
who wants to be a millionaire
who wants to be a millionaire
whos line is it anyway
why dont you
wickers world
william tell
willo the wisp
wind in the willows
wind in the willows quality poor
wind in the willows ralph mctell
wings vinyl
winnie the pooh
wish me luck
wkrp in cincinnati
wonder woman
woody woodpecker
world at war end
world at war start
world cup tutti al mondo
world in action
world of sport
worzel gummidge
worzel gummidge start
wwf theme
wyatt earp 50s western
x men
xena warrior princess
yes primeminister
yogi bear
young doctors
yu gi oh japanese
yu-gi oh english
z cars
z cars johnny keating
zorro 50s western
zorro 50s western poor quality

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