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Belle and Sebastien

Episode 1:
The Meeting News comes to a small village in the French Alps that an enormous white dog is running wild in the mountains. Sebastien is determined that it shall come to no harm.
Original BBC transmission 2 October 1967

Episode 2:
The Refuge Hut Cesar takes Sebastien higher up the mountain pass than he has ever been before and shows him the way to the Italian frontier.
Original BBC transmission 9 October 1967

Episode 3:
The Hunt Because they don't understand Belle, the villagers are terrified of her and determined to hunt her down. But Sebastien intervenes.
Original BBC transmission 16 October 1967

Episode 4:
The Stranger A sinister newcomer to the village gets work locally and insinuates himself into Caesar's household.
Original BBC transmission 23 October 1967

Episode 5:
NorbertÕs Suitcase Sebastien is suspicious of Norbert, especially when he sees him meeting a strange car.
Original BBC transmission 30 October 1967

Episode 6:
The CustomÕs Patrol Much to the disquiet of Angelina and her grandfather, Norbert begins to exercise a bad influence over Jean.
Original BBC transmission 6 November 1967

Episode 7:
The Great Pass Jean tricks Sebastien and takes Belle for training up to the Grand Baou in accordance with NorbertÕs instructions.
Original BBC transmission 13 November 1967

Episode 8:
Christmas Eve The two customs men become suspicious about BelleÕs activity.
Original BBC transmission 20 November 1967

Episode 9:
Christmas Day Angelina's plans for a happy Christmas appear to be ruined and Sebastien goes up into the mountains in search of Belle.
Original BBC transmission 27 November 1967

Episode 10:
The Fire The Commissioner from Paris arrives in the village just as disaster hits the chalet.
Original BBC transmission 4 December 1967

Episode 11:
The Avalanche Norbert takes to flight and Jean is involved in the Commissioner's investigations.
Original BBC transmission 11 December 1967

Episode 12:
The Enquiry Has Sebastien escaped the avalanche - and where is Belle?
Original BBC transmission 18 December 1967

Episode 13:
The Proof Jean tries to find the evidence which will prove his innocence.
Original BBC transmission 26 December 1967


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Written & Produced by JOHN RYAN
All voices by PETER HAWKINS Music by ALAN PARKER

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