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Adventure Game - Around the World with Willy Fogg - Bagpuss - Banana Splits - Bananaman - Barnaby the Bear - Battle of the Planets - Big John Little John - Bod - Button Moon - Calimero - Captain Caveman - Captain Pugwash - Catweazle - Centurions - Cheggers Plays Pop - Chorlton and the Wheelies - Clangers - Cloppa Castle - Cockleshell Bay - Dangermouse - Dastardly and Mutley - Deputy Dawg - Diff'rent Strokes - Doctor Snuggles - Dogtanian - Double Deckers - Dungeons and Dragons - Emus Broadcasting Company - Family Ness - Felix the Cat - Fingerbobs - Flashing Blade - Flumps - Ghosts of Motley Hall - Gigantor - Godzilla - Goober & The Ghost Chasers - Hair Bear Bunch - He Man - Hectors House - Henrys Cat - Hong Kong Phooey - Inch High Private Eye - Inspector Gadget - Ivor The Engine - Jamie and the Magic Torch - Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors - Jetsons - The Pussycats - Littlest Hobo - Ludwig - Magic Roundabout - Marine Boy - Mary Mungo and Midge - Mighty Mouse Moomins - Mosschops - Mr Benn - Mr Men - Mysterious Cities of Gold - Noah and Nelly - Noggin the Nog - Number 73 - Paddington - Perils of Penelope Pitstop - Pigeon Street - Pink Panther Pipkins - Pixie and Dixie - Playschool - Pole Position - Potty Time (Bentine) - Ragtime - Rainbow - Rentaghost - Roger Ramjet - Roobarb (and Custard) - Rupert The Bear - Scooby Doo - Secret Squirrel - Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings - Skippy (the Bush Kangaroo) - Smurfs - Snagglepuss - Star Fleetn - Tales from the Riverbank - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Terrahawks - Thomas the Tank Engine - Thundercats - Tomorrow People - Top Cat - Touche Turtle - Transformers Trapdoor - Tripods - Trumpton - Ulysses 31 - Vickie the Viking - Vision On - Wacky Races - Willo the Wisp - Wombles - Worzel Gummidge
1950 aldult and children's theme tunes and programme clips.
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Early BBC Children's Television introduction clip - (RealVideo) Jennifer Gay, early BBC Children's TV announcer clip (RealVideo) - Early BBC Clock clip (Real Video) - The First Advert on ITV (RealVideo) - Murraymints Advert (RealVideo) - Rice Krispies Advert (RealVideo) - Dont Forget the Fruit Gums Mum! (RealVideo) - You're never alone with a Strand (RealVideo) - Muffin The Mule clip (RealVideo) - Muffin the Mule (RealAudio) - Horses Ploughing Interlude clip (RealVideo) - London to Brighton in four minutes Interlude (RealVideo) - Meet the Penguins clip (RealVideo) - Toytown clip (RealVideo) - Pinky and Perky clip (Real Video) - George Cansdale clip (RealVideo) - Popeye full episode (RealVideo from Like Television) - Popeye Theme tune (wav/mp3) - Captain Pugwash clip (RealVideo) - Captain Pugwash Theme (wav/mp3) - Andy Pandy clip (RealVideo) - Andy Pandy "Time to go Home" clip (RealVideo) - Bill and Ben Introduction (RealVideo) - Another Bill and Ben clip (RealVideo from BBC) - Bill and Ben clip (RealVideo) - Rag Tag and Bobtail Introduction (RealAudio) - Picture Book clip (RealVideo) - Picture Book Theme (RealAudio) - Woodentops clip (RealVideo) - Another Woodentops clip (RealVideo) - Woodentops Theme (RealAudio) - Television March (wav/mp3) - Maigret Clip (RealVideo) - Another Maigret clip (RealVideo) - Crackerjack Theme (wav/mp3) - Crackerjack clip (RealVideo)Torchy (RealVideo) - Torchy the Battery Boy theme (wav/mp3) - Four Feather Falls Theme (wav/mp3) - Four Feather Falls clip (RealVideo) - Twizzle Theme (wav/mp3)Supercar Theme (RealAudio) - Ivor the Engine theme (RealAudio) - Noggin the Nog introduction (RealAudio) - Blue Peter Theme (wav/mp3) - Ivanhoe theme (RealAudio) - The Buccaneers (opening theme) (wav/mp3) - The Buccaneers (closing theme) (wav/mp3) - William Tell Theme (wav/mp3) - Sir Francis Drake Theme (wav/mp3) - The Adventures of Long John Silver Introduction (wav/mp3) - A full episode of Long John Silver (RealVideo from Like Television) - Tales of Rubovia theme (wav/mp3) - Toytown Theme (wav/mp3) - Felix the Cat opening (wav/mp3) - Felix the Cat closing theme (wav/mp3) - Felix the Cat full episode (RealVideo from Like Television) - Dennis The Menace Theme (wav/mp3) - The Phil Silvers (Bilko) Show Intro clip (RealVideo) - Superman Theme (wav/mp3) - Robin Hood Theme (wav/mp3) - Robin Hood song (RealAudio) - Sooty Theme - Sooty clip (RealVideo) - Bronco Theme (wav/mp3) - Cheyenne Theme (wav/mp3) - Colt .45 Theme (wav/mp3) - Cisco Kid opening theme (wav/mp3) - Cisco Kid closing Theme - Cisco Kid clip (RealVideo from Cowboypal) - Kit Carson clip (wav/mp3) - Lone Ranger sound clip (wav/mp3) - Lone Ranger full episode (RealVideo from Like Television) - Rin Tin Tim Theme (RealAudio) - Casey Jones Theme(wav/mp3) - Lassie Theme (wav/mp3) - Davy Crocket Theme (wav/mp3) - Hoppalong Cassidy Theme (wav/mp3) - Bat Masterson Theme (wav) - Champion the Wonder Horse Theme (RealAudio) - The Range Rider Theme (wav/mp3) - The Range Rider (Full episode in streaming video) - Gunsmoke Theme (wav/mp3) - Have Gun, Will Travel Theme (wav/mp3) - Rawhide Theme (wav/mp3) - Wyatt Earp Theme (wav/mp3) - Laramie Theme (wav/mp3) - Wagon Train Theme (wav/mp3) - Maverick Theme (wav/mp3) - Whirlybirds Theme (wav/mp3) - Wanted Dead or Alive Theme (wav/mp3) - Zorro Theme (wav/mp3)Lawman (RealVideo) - Double your Money (RealVideo) - The Coronation clip (RealVideo) - Dixon of Dock Green Theme (RealAudio) - Hancock's Half Hour theme (wav/mp3) - The Blood Donor clip (RealVideo) - Maigret Theme (Midi) - Perry Mason Theme (midi) - The Grove Family Theme (RealAudio) - Billy Bunter Theme (wav/mp3) - Gardening Club clip (RealVideo) - Gardening Club Theme (wav/mp3) - Liberace clip (RealVideo) - The Third Man Theme (midi) - This is Your Life clip (RealVideo) - Amos n' Andy Theme (wav/mp3) - I Love Lucy (wav/mp3) - The Burns and Allen Show Theme (wav/mp3) - Burns and Allen full episode (RealVideo from Like Television) - Draget Theme (wav/mp3)Dragnet full episode (RealVideo from Like Television) - 77 Sunset Strip theme (wav/mp3) - Highway Patrol Theme (wav/mp3) - Highway Patrol full episode (RealVideo from Like Television) - I Married Joan Theme (wav/mp3) - I Married Joan full episode (RealVideo from Like Television) - Invisible Man Theme (wav/mp3) - Sea Hunt Theme (RealAudio) - Victory at Sea (midi) - What's My Line? theme (RealAudio) - Whacko! theme (wav/mp3) - Whacko! clip (RealVideo) - Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme (RealAudio) - Spaghetti Harvest (RealVideo) - In Town Tonight Introduction (RealVideo) - In Town Tonight Theme (RealAudio)
TV Cream (broken at the time of creating this page)
Vintage Television Themes Archive - Real Audio classics from yesteryear
airwolf, space,1999, animal magic, bagpuss, banana splits, bananaman, battle of the planets, bod, big match, blakes7, boy from space, brady bunch, cagney and lacey, champion the wonder horse,chips, clangers, chorlton, wheelies, crime watch, box of delights, dick turpin, doctor who, dukes of hazzard, eureka, fall guy, flashing blade, inspector gadget, gentle touch, godzilla, gold monkey, goodies, grandad, grandstand, mickey spillane, mike hammer, high chaperal, hogan,heroes, jamie,magic torch, jigs aw, knight rider, lassie, littlest hobo, harold lloyd, lou grant, ludwig, magic roundabout, magnum, mandrake, magpie, mind your language, monkey, mr benn, paddington, parsley lion, perishers, pipkins, pink panther, playschool, potty time, professionals, pufnstuff, captain pugwash, quincy, rainbow, rentaghost, rockford files, roobarb, rupert, sale of the century, sapphire and steel, scarecrow and mrs king, screen test, silas, simon, chalk drawings, spiderman, superted, swap shop, tarzan, taxi, terrahawks, thomas tank engine, tiswas, tomorrows world, top cat, touche turtle, tripods, trumpton, never the twain, words and pictures, world of sport, zoo
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