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Music Of The 20th Century: 1900-1939

Little Miss Bouncer loves an announcer down at the BBC - an extraordinary early radio record from Flotsam and Jetsam, "Little Betty Bouncer" (1927) - the colours show the alternation between Flotsam's and Jetsam's singing:

Littlle Betty Bouncer is kind to her people,
And a nice girl, more or less,
But at present, no joke, she's causing her folks no end of deep destress.
For she's quite mad about a man she's never met,
And it's all though an elusive crystal-set.
Little Miss Bouncer loves an announcer down at the BBC.
She doesn't know his name,
But how she rejoices,
When she hears that voice of voices.
Absolutely tireless,
Sitting at the wireless,
Poor little Miss B.
It's the man who announces,
With a lot of passion in it,
"The Daventry shipping forecast will follow in a minute".
Little Miss Bouncer loves an announcer down at the BBC.


There used to be, in the 1920s, '30s and '40s, a venerable duo called Flotsam and Jetsam. Jetsam was Malcolm McEachern, a New-Zealander with one of the finest bass voices ever (his voice was so powerful it was reputed to have shattered more than one mechanical microphone until they moved him back to sing alongside the usual brass band accompanists). Flotsam was B C Hilliam, a Brit. Hilliam wrote the songs, played the piano and sang a strained tenor; McEachern sang a bass obligato and chuckled when necessary. They were the forerunners of Flanders and Swann. McEachern also sang some Handel and operatic stuff, but he and Hilliam were far better known as Flotsam and Jetsam and were loved for their popular songs, most of which were witty and quite melodious. Both of them died in the 1940s (possibly the 1950s). If you search for 'Flotsam...' in the databases of most of the Net's CD shops you will uncover not only two CDs released by Pearl/Flapper of the the two gents I have described above but also about 5 CDs released by a heavy metal group that goes under the same name. As I'm not a heavy metal fan I can't tell you if the heavy metal Flotsam and Jetsam are still current or have broken up.

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1.   Down at the old bush and bush
2.   Give me the moonlight
3.   Kansas city man blues
4.   Pasedena
5.   Charleston
6.   Davenport blues
7.   I'm sitting on top of the world
8.   Little Betty bouncer
9.   Can't help lovin' dat man
10.   On her doorstep that night
11.   Dream lover
12.   20th Century blues
13.   Mah Lindy Lou
14.   Solomon
15.   Easy come easy go
16.   I'm on a see saw
17.   Say you're mine
18.   Chinese laundry blues
19.   May I have the next romance with you
20.   Goodnight my love
21.   Heart and soul
22.   This time it's real
23.   Grandma said
24.   What do you know about love
25.   Goodnight children everywhere

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