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Amazon UK seems to have deleted this superb CD

For me, Black Beauty is one of the greatest TV Themes of all time. This CD has a good balance.

Favourite TV Themes

Inspector Morse

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries

Upstairs Downstairs

The Seven Faces of Woman (She)

Agath Christie's Poirot

A Woman of Substance

Tales of the Unexpected

The Professionals

Goal Crazy (The Match)

The Avengers

Forever Green

The New Adventures of Black Beauty

Chimera (Rosheen Du)

London's Burning

Dr Who

The One Game (Saylon Dola)

Tutti Al Mondo (World Cup '90)

A Hundred Acres

On The Line

Wish Me Luck

Summer's Lease (Carmina Valles)

Hot Foot (Athletics '90)

The Good Guys

Classic Adventures

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