Paintings by George Morland - FAQ
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Is the picture that I possess a Morland?

(A) Do you have an oil painting?

If you do, you painting may be of considerable value. But be arware that there a many Morland forgeries ; some have been painted by Morland's engravers before engraving the pictures and others are just out and out forgeries.

Check for date and signature. Morland didn't sign and date all of his later pictures.

About Morland's Signature

(B) Do you have a watercolour?

You may have, but you may have an engraving or a reproduction. Read about engravings below.

What are engravings?

An engraving (also called a line engraving) is made by incising a design into a metal plate by applying pressure to the plate with a pointed tool called a graver or burin. Engraving is an intaglio process, so prints made in this manner will have a platemark. The term "engraving" is often used to refer in general to all intaglio prints, with the term "line engraving" used to refer to engravings per se. Strong lines and sharp definition are characteristic of engravings. The earliest known line engravings were issued in the fifteenth century. A method of engraving in a steel plate, which allows for finer detail and many more impressions than does copper, was developed by Thomas Lupton in 1822.

Some links to tell you more about engravings are provided below:

[ What Is A Print? | Woodcut & Wood Engraving | Engraving | Etching ]
Aquatint | Stipple | Mezzotint | Lithography | Reproductions ]

More about print types at collector

The techniques of the original engraving

Intaglio Printmaking

Can I get a listing of engravings?

Yes, I have provided a link below:

Chronological catalogue of engravings, etchings, etc., after George Morland, showing the years of their publication, etc. (all were published in London)

What are Morlands worth?

Have a look at ebay:

ebay active and ebay complete

Also try the following galleries:

Morland engravings for sale Donald A. Heald

Morland engravings for sale at Grosvenor

Can I have a look at Morland's works?

Yes look at the following link and move forward by clicking the link at the bottom of each page. The are over 90 pages to date:

Can I see an index of the paintings?

Yes, see link below:

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