Paintings by George Morland - 71

I photographed this at the Buckler's Hard 18th Century Shipbuilding Village in the New forest, Hampshire England. Unfortunately, my camera case got in the way. The pictures were used to recreate the New Inn - which actually looks totally wrong.

The Morland to the right is "Interior of an Inn" (1792). I don't know the title of the picture to the left. Engraver is Ackerman.

Rudolph Ackermann and his family deserve a place in this list due to their monumental contribution to the dissemination of, particularly, sporting subjects and topographical prints and their patronage of generations of artists and engravers over a span of two centuries. Rudolph founded his Repository of Arts in the Strand in 1783. Among all his other achievements was the design of Nelson's funeral carriage. His son Rudolph junior, founded the Eclipse Sporting Gallery in Regents Street as a separate concern in 1826. Rudolph senior died in 1834 and his younger son took over as Ackermann & Co., remaining in business until 1852. Meanwhile, Rudolph junior continued at the Eclipse Sporting Gallery and was succeeded in 1860 by Arthur, his son. The firm continued under the name of Arthur Ackermann until a few years ago.

No title for this : it fetures a woman with two boys - on sales at ebay November 2002

Not correct title: Woman with Two Boys (as above).

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