Paintings by George Morland - 69

Pigs resting beneath a tree

OIL PAINTINGS - George Morland (1763 - 1804).
Pigs Resting Beneath A Tree, signed, dated 1797, 18in x 24in.

The Sportsman Enamour'd or The Wife In Danger

Published 24th Jany 1791 by Robt. Sayer, No 53, Fleet Street, London.

A plainly garbed young man sits across a table from a gentleman dressed for the hunt. The hunter leans his musket against his knee and seems to be gazing past his host at his pretty young wife who looks away shyly. The hunter's dog lies at his feet and a bird cage hangs above his head.

Fishermen on Shore (may appear on another page) - not other title below.

A Coast Scene (title from Baily) From Mezzotint by W.T. Annis.

A Farrier's Shop

A Farrier's Shop

Unsure of title.

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