Paintings by George Morland - 67

Outside the Dolphin Inn, Oil on Canvas
Signed and dated 1792
27.5" x 35.5"

At the door of the Dolphin

Guinea Pigs Eating
Circa 1790
Height: 25" (63 cm), Width: 33" (84 cm)
There are two different pictures with this title - see also Page 19.

Engraved by J.R. Smith and published by T. Palser (1807). Mezzotint.

Selling Fish (there are two different pictures on this site with the Selling Fish title)

Signed and dated lower right, “G. Morland 1792”. Oil on canvas. Literature: George Dawe, R.A., The Life of George Morland, reproduced on page 30, plate 9 and in appendix A: A Brief Description of Morland’s Best Works, page 128: “The Prince of Wales was highly delighted with this beautiful picture when he visited the exhibition, which is sufficient proof of his taste and is honourable to the memory of our great English painter.”

Selling Fish

Pigs in a fram yard

Pigs in a Farmyard

A Party Angling

A Party Angling - mezzotint by G. Keating 1789. Mezzotint.

Also engraved by W. Ward and published by J.R. Smith in 1780.

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