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Farmyard - attributed to George Morland

Appearing at an ebay auction

"There seems to be an awful lot of Morland paintings about ... probably far more than the 4,000 he painted.  Even during his lifetime, the popularity of his paintings resulted in many imitators producing 'Morland style' paintings and therein lies the problem.  Unless it can be positively established that a painting is unquestionably by a given artist, the best anyone can do is to 'attribute' the painting to that artist.

This painting is unsigned, but many Moreland paintings were unsigned.  There is an old printed label on the canvas stretcher which describes the painting as "A Cottage Door with Peasants and Animals" by Morland and attests that it is from the collection of the late W.C. Archer, Esq. of Edgbaston, Birmingham. A further old label affixed to the back of the canvas indicates that it is titled "Farmyard" by Morland and was exhibited at the prestigious Midland Counties Art Museum at Nottingham Castle.  Again, on loan by W.C. Archer, Esq. of Edgbaston, Birmingham.  Apparently, it has been considered as genuine in the past. "

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