Paintings by George Morland - 5
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The Fox Inn

Signed, 1790

Size of original painting 54 x 63 inches

Gathering Sticks

Signed, 1791

Size of original painting 15.5 x 11.5 inches

Also engraved by R.M. Meadows (1794 and again 1799)

[Gathering Fruit is paired with this painting]

Also appears as Gathering Wood (rather than sticks)

Section of Gathering Fruit

Gathering Fruit

Morning; or The Benevolent Sportsman

Size of original painting 48 x 58 inches

Also engraved by J. Grozer and published by J. Grozer (1794). Mezzotint.

The Benevolent Sportsman (odd colours from a modern engraving)

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