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A Visit to Boarding School (1789)

A Visit to Boarding School (1789)

A visit to boarding school

A visit to boarding school - Arlent-Edwards

English mezzotint was engraved by the listed English artist Samuel Arlent-Edwards, born 1861. Edwards is known for his color mezzotints done after famous British painters. The mezzotint is signed in pencil by the artist and annotated in pencil "Engraved and printed in color at one printing without retouching" in the lower right. Engraved in the lower portion of the plate is the following: "Painted by George Morland (1763-1804)" in the lower left; "copyrighted 1900" in the lower center; and "engraved by S. Arlent-Edwards" in the lower right.

Also engraved by W. Ward and published by J.R. Smith in 1789. Mezzotint.

Dogs Fighting

Old English Sportsman

Foray - attributed to Morland

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