Paintings by George Morland - 20
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Partridge Shooting (a couple of engravings of Partridge Shooting have appeared at ebay - both with foxing and other damage)

Morland Bird Hunting (Snipe Shooting - see below)

Snipe Shooting (coloured copy shown on previous page)

Snipe Shooting

Hare Shooting

Duck Shooting (there are two paintings with this title)

Duck Shooting

Duck Shooting - Rowlandson engraving

Duck Shooting

Signed, undated

Size of original painting 12 x 10 inches

Duck Shooting

Woodcock and Pheasant Shooting.
From the engraving by T. Simpson.

Pheasant Shooting

Size of original painting 15.5 x 20 inches

A Rowlandson engraving of Pheasant Shooting - note the loss of definition from the original. 

Partridge Shooting

Size of original picture 15.5 x 20 inches

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