Paintings by George Morland - 12
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The Laetitia Series - the model for Laetitia is Morland's wife

Laetitia Series I - Domestic Happiness

Laetitia II - The Elopement

Laetitia III - The Virtuous Parent

Laetitia IV - Dressing for the Masquerade

Laetitia V - The Tavern Door

Laetitia VI - The Fair Penitent

"Feeding the Calves" also "Girl and Calves"

"Feeding the Calves" also "Girl and Calves"

Engraved by W. Ward. Published by Vollins and Morgan (1791). Mezzotint.

Evening ( there is another piece with this same title)

Summer (signed and dated 1795)

Cow and Calf Worried by a Dog (signed)

Shepherds Reposing

Shepherds Reposing (different picture from that above these with the same title)

Engraved and published by J.R. Smith (1803). Stipple (not illustrated above)

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