Paintings by George Morland - 114

ebay June 2004 An 18th century old master drawing by George Morland.  Circa: 1700's. French or British -  English ? Carbon on laid paper. Framed in a 19th century period water gilt frame. I have not taken this apart but guarantee the back of the drawing is signed and is also water marked as noted on back( the drawing is not glued to another paper but only tacked at top as it should be ).  Carbon on laid paper. Hand painted water color matt with sepia ink title and date ( slightly faded ) ( says "George Morland 1763-1804 "  which looks to have been done in the 19th century - same time as frame. A simple but Important original old master drawing. Lots of provenance and info on back. Great estate piece.  Measuring: overall 18.5" by 16.5" and Image/site inside of frame: 13" by 11".

Rustics by a fire at night

GEORGE MORLAND (1763-1804) RUSTICS BY A FIRE AT NIGHT Signed and dated 1794, oil on canvas 49.5 x 64.5cm. 2500-4000
Old, good quality relining. Areas of retouching. Small chips in sky. Needs a clean. Provenance: J. Leger and Son, December 1947 Lawrences, March 17th 1983

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