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Rebranding and Cultural Destruction
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British Airways

"Fly the Flag"

Baroness Thatcher was forced to give the members of the British Airways' Board a good smacking for daring to mess with the Union Flag.

She famously used her handerchief to cover a gaudy tailfin on a model aircraft sporting the new branding. The smacking clearly left the naughty boys shocked and sore for they quickly reintroduced the Union Flag.

Above is the abysmal tailfin graffiti introduced by BA.
Back to normal again and looking very British.
British Institute of Management Word "British" removed became the Institute of Management

An institution set up in 1974 by the then Board of Trade to promote professionalism in management practice and to provide information for its members. In 1992 it merged with the Institute of Industrial Managers to form the Institute of Management.

Coco Pops
When the name of the chocolate-smothered rice cereal Coco Pops was changed to Choco Krispies in the UK, there was a national outcry, mainly because the well-loved song "I'd rather have a bowl of Coco Pops" no longer scanned when re-flowed as "I'd rather have a bowl of Choco Krispies". A national poll was held in which just under one million people voted, with 92% in favour of a return to Coco Pops... and as a result Choco Krispies are no more. BBC

Hundered of thousands of British people voted in the telephone poll, and Coco Pops were quickly reintroduced.

Royal Mail
More details of the rebranding of the Royal Mail to Consignia are provide at Memorable Images 62. Here is a picture of the logo just in case you blinked before it disappeared again. Another attempt to kill tradition and take the Royal out of Britain.
General Electric Company of England GEC bought English Electric and Associated Electrical Industries. Eventually, it rebranded as "Marconi" having converted from being a huge electrical conglomerate to being a telecommunications company. The share price ultimately took a massive dive leaving the comapny almost valueless.
Opal Fruits

"made to make your mouth water"

The last packets of Opal Fruits sweets are disappearing from the shelves of British shops forever.

Not because they have been discontinued, but because the manufacturers, Mars, have decided the sweets should be called the same name in Britain as they are in the rest of the world, Starburst.

Opal Fruits is not the first famous British brand name that Mars has axed in favour of a more internationally better-known one.

Marathon became the less athletic-sounding Snickers a few years ago. The changes are part of a trend towards what has been called global branding.

ON Digital
ITV Digital

ON Digital tried to sell digital set-top boxes to promote its terrestrially broadcast television services.

It introduced the famous monkey as an advertising tool. Eventualy, the moneys were trading on ebay for more money that the set-top boxes.

Midland Bank

"The listening bank"

Oil of Ulay Olay
BBC drops globe in multicultural rebranding exercise

BC1 is scrapping the globe motif that has been a part of its identify for nearly 40 years in favour of a multicultural array of dancing figures in a bid to be more inclusive.

The new BBC1 idents, designed by the award-winning brand expert Martin Lambie-Nairn, will feature black, Asian and disabled actors and dancers alongside white Britons in contemporary settings.

But the new branding is bound to fuel accusations of excessive political correctness at the BBC, coming just weeks after its chairman, Gavyn Davies, caused a storm of protest when he accused "southern, white and middle class" viewers of attempting to "hijack" the corporation.

Lorraine Heggessey, the controller of BBC1, said the 700,000 campaign would reflect more accurately the diversity of modern Britain.


Cif - the recent incarnation of Jif - heralded a revolution in the Household Care market when it was launched under the name Jif Cream in 1974. Since then, the brand has continued to lead its category in innovation, breaking new ground with products such as the mousse range and, more recently, its active spray and liquid variants.

Telecommunications failures bring on rebranding as the solution: Cellnet becomes 02, Norweb Communications becomes "Your Communications", Energis becomes "Chelys", Scottel becomes "Thus", Freeserve to become "Wanadoo", One2One becomes "T-Mobile".

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