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Jennings and Darbishire by Anthony Buckeridge

Anthony Buckeridge started to tell stories about Jennings when he was a schoolmaster at a prepatory school and the boys clamoured for "another Jennings story, please sir," at bedtime before lights out. But Jennings himself soon took control and it was not long before all his creator had to do was to outline a situation and leave it to Jennings' peculiar method of reasoning to work things out to their logical conclusion.

Jenning's first public appearance was as a new boy in the London Children's hour on BBC Radio in the autumn of 1948, but it was not long before his adventures were published in book form, and these became the most popular school stories ever written. Boys and girls love these humorous stories and recognise their authentic ring; they realise that they themselves just like Jennings, often do the most fantastic things for reasons which the average adult is unable to appreciate, and so they can readily identify themselves with the boys of Linbury Court School.

Anthony Buckeridge wrote 25 Jennings titles which have sold over 6 million worldwide, the tales have been told on television, radio, on film, records, stage plays and audio cassettes.

Just William

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William Brown is one of the most popular fictional characters of all time. Richmal Crompton's brilliant, timeless stories have delighted several generations of readers, both children and adults alike.

There is only one William. The tousle-headed, snub-nosed, hearty, loveable imp of mischief has been harassing his unfortunate family since the 1920's. His name is a byword for irrepressible boyhood. His pranks are the scrapes of every healthy youngster, recorded with keen observation and an even keener sense of humour by a writer of immense talent.

Incredibly, the William books span five decades. In addition to the wonderful adventure, fun, and humour of the books, they provide a unique portrait of the changing landscape of a typical English village (William's home) during those fifty years.

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