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Here are some strong British telephone images. Buzby above has already been covered here. The BT Tower is an important London Landmark: PO Tower at SterlingTimes.

Here are some useful link outide of the SterlingTimes site: Telephones UK - Light-Straw ATE - recall the early days of operator connected calls, Subscriber Trunk Dialling and much more. Telephone Kiosks UK.

There is something very special about UK telephone kiosks - so much so that the Tardis [police box] of Doctor Who became central to the television drama.

Efforts have been made to kill the red box, but many still survive.

Dr Who Collecting. How better could an Englishman fly throughout time and space?
GPO Van Page

The gentleman who runs the website provided above has fully restored a GPO van.

This is most impressive.

See also Ring Out the Old about the disposal of Type K6 Telephone Kiosks - from "Best of British" September 2002.

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