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An interesting article appears in the Autumn 2000 edition of Evergreen.

Marcus Morris was a clergyman. He launched a national periodical, The Anvil, that ran into financial difficulties. The Hulton Press approached Marcus Morris when Picture Post was ailing and paper stocks needed to be used.

The Eagle was launched on 14 April 1950. The initial print run of 900,000 sold out. Captain Pugwash ran for 19 issues [John Ryan] before it was withdrawn. Other memorable characters were Skippy the Kangeroo and Dan Dare.

The article in Evergreen is a very good read.

The First Edition of the Eagle - 14 April 1950.

Most children in the 1950s and 1960s were familiar with the Eagle comic, and Dan Dare's conitinuing struggle with the Mekon which was re-enacted daily in school playgrounds.

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