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1926 Poster from the Empire Marketing Board

The National Federation of Fish Friers was founded in 1913 to watch over the interests of its members’ specialist trade. Today, over 80 years later, it is the largest organisation representing the largest take-away food trade in the country. 9,000 fried fish shops having an annual turnover of over 650M sell 60,000 tonnes of fish (about one-quarter of all the white fish consumed in the UK) and 500,000 tonnes of potatoes (over 10% of all potatoes eaten by British people).

From where did this famous culinary delight originate?

The simple answer is that no one really knows.  We do know that fish and chips developed separately - the French invented chips or “chipped pommes do terre a la mode” (from the humble potato commonly believed to have been brought to Europe by Sir Walter Raleigh in the 17th Century) and in 1839 Charles Dickens referred to a “fried fish warehouse” in Oliver Twist.  The great British fish and chip trade grew out of these existing small businesses which sold fish and chips separately in the streets and alleys of London and some of Britain’s industrial towns in the 1850s. More about the history of fish and chips from the site of NATIONAL FEDERATION OF FISH FRIERS. The Belgian habit of eating fish and chips with mayonnaise finds few fans in the UK. For us it’s salt and vinegar or tomato ketchep - nothing else will do, unless you are from Scotland where special brown sauce is popular.

From Fish and chips - A great British tradition, we learn that Fish and Chip shops outnumber McDonalds' by 8:1. It's official - the way to a woman's heart Is through her stomach. A MORI survey showed that nine out of ten women say that a man should have bask cooking Skills. The most likely food to be a winner in the seduction game is fish chosen by one third of women as the dish most likely to put them in the mood for seduction. Fish & Chips bigger than McDonnalds'
Harry Ramsden

Harry Ramsden Logo

The Original Harry Ramsden's in Guiseley, Leeds, set the world record at 10,000 portions of fish and chips sold in one day in 1952. Since then, incredibly, we have broken it three more times:
1988 Harry Ramsden's, Guiseley 10,182 portions
1992 Harry Ramsden's, Glasgow 11,964 portions
1996   Harry Ramsden's, Melbourne, Australia     12,105 portions
Harry Ramsden was undeniably the most successful fish frier in Bradford.
  He was the first person in the area to offer a sit down fish and chip meal, and Harry's restaurant was the place to be seen. As well as attracting local people, famous celebrities who were performing at the variety clubs would often eat there.
  But one day Harry had to give up the business. Unfortunately his wife fell ill with T.B. and he was advised by her doctor to move out to the country.
  Although concerned for his wife's health, Harry was stunned. "Fish and chips are my business," he said, "and everyone knows you can't sell fish and chips in the country".
Continued at the Harry Ramden site.
Harry Ramsden

Harry Ramsden 1886 - 1963

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