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'Nation shall speak peace unto nation'


'Nation shall speak peace unto nation'

Download good quality copy of above from BBC Research Laboratories

Designed by George Hersee and featuring his daughter Carole Hersee, it made its first appearance on BBC2 in 1967 - see more BBC Test Cards at Meldrum.

Added 30 April 2001: Former BBC engineer George Hersee, the creator of the famous Test Card 'F', has died. The familiar test card, featuring the face of a little girl (Hershee's daughter), a blackboard and a clown, has been transmitted for an estimated 70,000 hours since it was first screened in 1967. Carole Hersee, now a mother of two, has long wished her youthful image would vanish from British screens. The photo earned her a mere 100 and teasing from her schoolmates.

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