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A recent survey in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland showed that the Beano was still the most popular comic among eleven year olds. If a similar survey was carried out among comic collectors, I am sure that the results would be the same - with Beano at the top of the list, closely followed by Dandy. At their peak in the mid 1950s their circulation was said to be over two million copies per week each. If each copy was read only by two or three children, the total readership was staggering. One of the reasons for the scarcity of early copies in the better grades of condition is that very few survived their readers' attention - an indication of their popularity at the time.

Dennis 1951

Dennis the Menace (1951 - present)
Desperate Dan (1938-present)
Lord Snooty (1938 - 1990)
The Bash Street Kids (1954 - present)


The Magnet.   A weekly publication in the UK from  1908 to 1940.

The Magnet was based at Greyfriars school , close to the sea, in southern England.  It was mainly based around the adventures of the 'Remove' a class of juniors at the school.

The Main Characters being the famous five.   ( Harry Wharton, Bob Cherry, Johnny Bull, Frank Nugent & Hurry Singh)

The most famous of all the characters was Billy Bunter.  The fat owl of the Remove.

The short sighted, grub raiding, 'owl' gained fame throughout the 'Magnet' years and later appeared in a number of other publications also appearing on radio and T.V.

Nearly 90 years after his first appearance Bunter remains popular today and fully deserves a place on the Web. 

The Adventures of Pip, Squeak and Wilfred from the Daily Mail - first published in 1921

My father who was born in 1919 often used to talk about Pip, Squeak and Wilfred whom his remembered with some fondness. You can click on the picture below for an exploded view. I hope to be back here in due course with some better pictures.

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