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The decline and fall of
The Middle Class
and how it is fighting back
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From the decline and fall of the middle class and how it can fight back 1977 Patrick Hutber

We seem to have two types of middle class in the UK. The first being the traditional middle class which is heavy taxed and abused by government, and which is defending its position in society. The second being the fabian middle class that is relatively wealthy and well educated, but prefers to identify with the "struggle" of the working class. However, be assured that the "new right" is becoming increasingly unsettled and militant and is starting to fight back.

We certainly do not have a classless society in the UK.

Karl Marx: The classless society is the ultimate condition of social organisation expected to occur when true communism is achieved.

John Major (Conservative). "I want changes to produce across the whole of this country a genuinely classless society so people can rise to whatever level from whatever level they started" - 1990

Tony Blair (Labour) says that we have a "classless society" and has declared that the "class struggle is over".

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