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Spanking Adolf The United Kingdom has had to give Germany a good spanking on several occasions.

And now here they are complaining about our advertisements for beer - see below.

Here we see a few fun images of British humour.

At Sterlingtimes, we hate to be provocative, but here we have a little musical fun in the same comical tradition. 


Adverts from Shepherd Neame - Spitfire Premium Ale.

London Underground has ordered the removal of advertising for Spitfire Premium Ale, Britain’s fastest-growing traditional beer, after alleging that it was upsetting German tourists.

The tubecards, the latest 250,000 phase of the award-winning ‘Bottle of Britain’ campaign, feature copylines such as ‘Have The Sunbeds, We’re Going To The Bar’, ‘Votz Zo Funny About Zeez Posters’, and ‘Rear Gunners Drink Lager Shandy’.

Posters from Spitfire campaigns in 1998 and 1999 included copylines such as ‘Downed All Over Kent, Just Like The Luftwaffe’, and ‘No Fokker Comes Close’.

Votz zo funny?

Target Identification

Have the sunbeds Rear Gunners
The Goat

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