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Naughty Lola

I saw one of Marlene's last performances on television some years ago, and I have been transfixed ever since.

Marlene Dietrich: "Legends Of The 20th Century" (available from HMV)

1.   Ich bin von kopf bis fluss auf liebe eingestellt
2.   Blonde woman
3.   Quand l'amour muert
4.   I am the naughty Lola
5.   Assez
6.   Mein blondes baby
7.   Peter
8.   Allein in einer grossen stadt
9.   Where have all the flowers
10.   Where have all the flowers gone
11.   Cherche la rose
12.   Moi j'ennui
13.   Marie Marie
14.   Dejeuner du matin
15.   Blowin' in the wind
16.   Wen ich mir was wunschen durfte
17.   Johnny wenn du geburtstag hast
18.   Ich weiss nicht zu wem ich gehore
19.   Ich hab noch einen koffer in Berlin
20.   Lili Marlene
21.   Die welt war jung
22.   In den kasernen
23.   Ich werde dich lieben
24.   Falling in love again

b. Maria Magdelene Dietrich, 27 December 1901, Berlin, Germany, d. 6 May 1992, Paris, France. Dietrich's heavily accented, half-spoken vocal style made her a femme fatale for nearly half a century. She studied acting with director Max Reinhardt, appearing in Germany on stage and in films during the 20s. Her first major role was in The Blue Angel, in which she sang what was to become her theme tune, 'Falling In Love Again'. The international success of the film led to a career in Hollywood,where Dietrich starred as a cabaret singer or bar-girl in numerous movies. Among them were Morocco (1930), The Blonde Venus (1932), Song Of Songs (1933), Destry Rides Again (in which she performed 'The Boys In The Back Room'), Follow The Boys (1944), and A Foreign Affair (1948). She returned to Britain to make Stage Fright, which was produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released in 1950. After becoming a US citizen in 1939, Dietrich joined the American war effort in 1941, and became associated with the song 'Lilli Marlene'. Originally a German poem written in World War II, it had been recorded in 1939 by Lale Anderson, whose version was extremely popular in Nazi Germany. In turn, Dietrich's Brunswick recording was a big hit in the USA

Falling in Love Again (avilable from HMV)

1.   Falling in love again
2.   You do something to me
3.   Ich bin die fesche Lola
4.   You go to my head
5.   Blonde woman
6.   Peter
7.   Boys in the back room
8.   Hot voodoo
9.   Wo ist der man
10.   I've been in love before
11.   Johnny
12.   Give me the man
13.   Mol je Mennuie
14.   You've got that look
15.   Assez
16.   I gotta get a man

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