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Adam Smith Institute - UK Devil's Kitchen -UK Migration Watch - UK Stephen Pollard - UK --- archive
Anglosaxon Chronicle (humour) Democracy Movement - UK Monday Club Strange Stuff
Ashley Mote MEP Dhimmi Watch Most appalling lefties The Road to EU Surfdom --- suspended for now
Atlantic Bridge - UK and USA Drinking from Home Multicultural Bunk Tory Radio - UK
Barbara Simpson Radio - USA  EU Referendum Nanny Knows Best - UK UKIP Forum - UK
Bel is thinking Freedom for Egyptians - Egypt Natalie Solent - libertarian - UK UK Independence Party - UK
Barry Beelzebub - UK Face of Muhammed Neil Harron - UK Veritas - UK
Biased BBC - UK Free Conservatives - USA Philip Davies MP Write to them (your MPs)
Bloggers for Less Government Freedom Association - UK Political Correctness  Watch  
Bruges Group Free Dominion - Canada Philip Davies MP  
Brussels Journal Free Republic - USA Political Correctness  Watch  
Burning our money - UK Global Britain Politics Forum.- UK  
Campaign Against Political Correctness Guido Fawkes - UK Public Interest - UK  
Campaign for Independent Britain Iain Dale's Diary - UK Pub Philosopher - UK  
Charlie Wolf Neocon DJ Is Blair a neocon? Regional Assemblies - UK  
Christopher Hitchens Iron Pants Refuge   Radio Enoch / Stream  
Civitas - UK Jesus and Mo[hammed] Ronald Reagan Foundation  
Conservative Commentary - UK --- no longer updated Jihad Watch Rush Limbaugh - radio -  USA  
Conservative Democracy - UK --- now Traditional Britain Forum Little Green Footballs - USA Sean Hannity radio - USA  
Conservative Home's blogs - UK --- leading UK conservative site Kafir Nation Sean Gabb  
Conservative Party  --- unoffical site Margaret Thatcher Foundation Samizdata - libertarian - UK  
Conservative Party --- official site Melanie Phillips - UK Spectator - UK  
Countryside Alliance - UK --- defending hunting Metric Martyrs - UK Statewatch: Civil Lliberties - EU  
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