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Courtesy of Golly Corner

Golliwogg History - The earliest Golliwog is the hero in books of verse written by Bertha Upton in the 1890's, and illustrated by her daughter Florence... Golly Corner - James Robertson & Sons, the U.K. preserve manufacturers founded in 1864, use Golly as their trademark. In the 1920s they started to issue brooches (also called pins or badges) carrying the Golly image. Golliwogg Books: The Golliwogg at the Sea-Side * The Adventures of two Dutch Dolls And A Golliwogg. The Golliwogg books were the creations of Florence Kate Upton, the scenarist-illustrator, and her mother, Bertha Upton, who supplied the verses accompanying each .. Will's Golly Page.

Here is another rediculous attempt to ban Golliwogs. The Golliwog was never racist. Now is the time to get your Golliwogs into storage to evade detection by the British "KGB".

A sticky end at last for Golly.

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