Sterling times
Haut de Cagnes 10
Chapelle Notre Dame de Protection
I bought this oil painting (35" x 27") through an ebay auction. Artist is "Salter". Thought to have been painted around about 1910. The Chapel contains beautiful warm-toned frescos, dated around 1530 and discovered quite by chance under the plasterwork. This ediface was clasified as a historic monument in 1936. The merciful virgin represents the central theme of these images which were intended to educated the peasants and town inhabitants, as well as develop their devoutness.

The chapel also offers a magnificent view of the massif du Mercantour and the Mediterranean. Rue Hippolyte Guis to to the right of the chapel. See also Cagnes 5 - Pierre-Auguste Renoir. A Church at Cagnes. 1905. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Detailed views - The lady with sticks - the people by the fountain - the old worn steps

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