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Imperial Crime

From "This England" magazine, Spring 2000:

At leafy Leigh on Sea in Essex, television crewes from all over the world descended on "Mandy's Chop Shop" during mid-January to film buther David Stephens and his wife Mandy breaking the new EU "metric only" law.

They stand to be served with a notice of infringement which could mean a 2,000 fine and possible imprisonment.

More Imperial Crime

Mrs Jose O'Ware, the proprieter of a curtain and blind shop in Enfield is also refusing to switch to metric measures. Mrs O'Ware said, "They are willing to take me to court for selling a 4ft wooden blind. That is obscene."

Meanwhile up in Grimsby, butcher John Pettit has adopted a dual pricing system. Almost every customer asks for meat using imperial measures.

EU Propaganda for Children

The European Commission has produced comics for school children in each European country. In the example below, the thinly-veiled reference to the British mainland and its Monarchy in the UK is denigrating an out-of-date and ignorant nation at war with its neighbour during the dark ages - the time when the country had its own national boundary.

The inhabitants of this peculiar country are depicited as war-mongering bigots who regard foreigners as the enemy, especially those wearing the star-spangled European Union flag (a sign of peace!). Even the socialist Labour Party [bastards!] has decided to burn 75,000 copies in fear of the outrage that they may cause. And all produced a taxpayer expense.

God save the Queen!

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