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They say: Ban-it! Ban this site now! Ban everything that's English!
I have had this idea in my head for sometime of starting a Politically Incorrect webpage. I am particularly interested in things that were once considered good, but are now either banned or considered to be politically incorrect. This is just a starter and your contributions would be most welcome.

What is political correctness?

Political correctness is synomymous with socialism. In this USA this is often called liberalism. It is the philosphy of the anti-patriot. The patriot owes his highest form of secular allegiance to a patriarch; to the nation state; not to a supra-national collection of states.

For useful background reading, see also A Theory Of Civilisation by Philip Atkinson ( July, 2000)

The destruction of nationhood

Political correctness demands a move from nationalism to supra-nationalism or globalism.

In the United Kingdom this has led to the destruction of nation hood. We first saw the destruction of our traditional county system - see Counties - The Traditional Counties of Great Britain (SterlingTimes). Then we saw the sell out of the UK to the European Union. Then we saw "devolution" whereby England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were provisionally separated from the UK. Now we see that England apparently doen't exist.

England No Longer Exists UK Map according to the EU

England no longer exists - official! England is regionalised by the EU.

England no longer exists - official! From "Best of British" magazine July 2001. Note that the URL given in the article is incorrect:

Cultural destruction

These pages show how political correctness redefines our culture. Empire, imperialism, conservative, and nationalism are considered to be offensive by the politically correct. Flag waving and national celebration are considered to be obscene.

We read the following leading question on the BBC Today Programme message board: "Land of Hope and Glory: dropped twice at the Proms, is it time to ban it from all public concerts, does it send out the wrong messages about the British?" Question posed by the BBC.


Political correctness deems that all races and all cultures should live together happily in racial harmony. It demands that there must be no barriers to the free movement of people around the world. There must be no immigration controls.

The rewriting of history

Margaret Thatcher, Enoch Powell, Cecil Rhodes, Rudyard Kipling and Baden Powell are all to be considered to be the rogues of history despite their fine contribributions to our nation.


We will cover the desire for the classless society elsewhere in these pages.


Thr rules of good etiquette have been replaced by the rules of political correctness.

Stop Press! Have you heard about the farmer in England who shot and killed a gipsy [politically correct term in England is "traveller"] burglar? He's now in prison convicted of murder - poor sod! Self-defence is no offence - Free Tony Martin and see also the Sterling times: Tony Martin page for background.

The politically correct like to ban books. The Story of Little Black Sambo was read to children in British schools through to the 1970s, then it was decided that they should all be withdrawn. It was a firm favourite whiule it lasted.

Once upon a time there was a little black boy, and his name was Little Black Sambo. And his mother was called Black Mumbo.

And his father was called Black Jumbo.And Black Mumbo made him a beautiful little Red Coat, and a pair of beautiful little blue trousers...

Tiger skins from the Army & Navy Stores Catalgoue 1907.

Tiger and Leopard skins were quite politically correct in 1907. Leopard skins started at 84/-. Tiger skins were considerably cheaper by comparison at 32/-.

Ban this site! Wot golliwoggs! Are they not a danger to society?

Courtesy of Golly Corner

Below: some books from the Army & Navy Stores Catalogue 1907. Here are some picures from "The Golliwogg's Fox-Hunt". You can buy Golliwogg pictures from framing from Colombine - Upton Golliwogg Pictures. 19th Century Golliwogg art by American artist Florence Kate Upton. Colombine welcomes you, and offers you a chance to own copies from the early printings of some of the finest examples from a number of adventures that the Golly went on accompanied by his friends, the Peg Dolls.

Golliwogg Books

Save Our Golliwoggs

Golliwogg History - The earliest Golliwogg is the hero in books of verse written by Bertha Upton in the 1890s, and illustrated by her daughter, Florence... Golly Corner - James Robertson & Sons, the UK preserve manufacturers founded in 1864, use Golly as their trademark. In the 1920s they started to issue brooches (also called pins or badges) carrying the Golly image. Golliwogg Books: The Golliwogg at the Sea-Side * The Adventures of two Dutch Dolls And A Golliwogg. The Golliwogg books were the creations of Florence Kate Upton, the scenarist-illustrator, and her

Racist golliwog toy makes a comeback

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